What does CHILD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CHILD:



Computers Helping Instruction And Learning DevelopmentDevelopment
Communicating How Individual Learning DevelopsEducational
Creative Hours In Learning DevelopmentDevelopment
Channeling Healthy Innovative Learning DevelopmentEducational
Character Health Integrity Leadership And DevelopmentDevelopment
Cybernetic Human Interface Lifeform DeviceScience Fiction
Community Heart Of Innovative Learning And DevelopmentDevelopment
Collection of Happy Individuals Living DreamsUnclassified
Child Health Indicators of Life and DevelopmentDevelopment
Courage Honest Intelligent Lovely and Don't do bad thingsEducational
Center for Health Intellectual and Learning DevelopmentDevelopment
Childrens Hour In Learning DiscoveriesEducational
Comprehensive Help To Indias Little DestitutesUnclassified
The Catherine Hershey Institute For Learning And DevelopmentInstitutes
Cognitive Hybrid Intelligent Learning DeviceEducational
Center for Health Improvement and Life DevelopmentDevelopment
Center of Health Intellectual and Learning DevelopmentDevelopment
Character Health Integrity Leadership DevelopmentDevelopment
Communities Helping to Increase Learning and DevelopmentDevelopment

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