What does CHIPS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CHIPS:



Clearing House Interbank Payments SystemBanking
Computerized Highway Information Processing SystemTransportation
Challenging High Intellectual Potential StudentsStudents
Clearing House Interbank Payment ServiceStock Exchange
Care and Health Industries Pathways for SchoolsEducational
The Clearing House Interbank Payments SystemsBanking
Computer Help In Primary SchoolsEducational
Cosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma SpectrometerAstronomy
Community Health Initiatives and Programs for StudentsStudents
Christian Help in Park SlopeReligion
Chemicals Hazard Information Packaging for SupplyLogistics
Culinary Hospitality Industry Publications ServiceHospitals
Community Health Initiative Programs for StudentsCommunity
Canadian Hearing Instrument Practitioners SocietyProfessional Organizations
Considerable Heaps Of Information For Participating SecretariesUnclassified
Crofton Hammond Infant Parents and StaffUnclassified

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