What does CICD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CICD:



Continuous Integration/Continuous DeploymentSoftware
Chronic Ischemic Cardiovascular DiseaseDiseases
Center for Internships and Career DevelopmentCareer
Centre For Indian Classical DancesUnclassified
Centre of International Capacity DevelopmentDevelopment
Congreso Internacional Ciudadanía DigitalUnclassified
Caribbean Integration Community DevelopmentDevelopment
Centre for Indian Classical DanceUnclassified
Centre for Information Career DevelopmentCareer
Centre for International Capacity DevelopmentDevelopment
Center for Indian Country DevelopmentDevelopment
Chronic ischaemic cardiovascular diseaseDiseases
Construction Industry Career DayCareer
Continuous Integration Continuous DeliveryUnclassified
Continuous Integration Continuous DeploymentUnclassified
Center for Indian Community DevelopmentDevelopment
Center for International Career DevelopmentCompanies & Firms

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