What does CIRS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CIRS:



Community Information and Referral ServicesCommunity
Celestial Intermediate Reference SystemUnclassified
Centre for InteractiveUnclassified
Centre for Interactive Research on SustainabilityResearch
Chronic Inflammatory Response SyndromeSyndromes
Center for Intervention Research in SchoolsResearch
Chemical Inspection and Regulation ServiceChemistry
Center forUnclassified
Certified Information Reporting SpecialistCertifications & Diplomas
Cultural Institutions Retirement SystemInstitutes
Centralized Interpreter Referral ServiceUnclassified
Centre for Innovation in RegulatoryUnclassified
Centre International de Recherche ScientifiqueUnclassified
Coastal Interceptor Relief SewerUnclassified
Chronic Inflammatory Response SydromeUnclassified
Combined Incident Reporting SoftwareSoftware
Currency Interest Rate SwapUnclassified
Center for International and Regional StudiesRegional
Center Information Retrieval SystemFDA
Center Information Retrieval System (CDRH)US Government
Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (UBC)Universities
Chinmaya International Residential SchoolInternational

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