What does CITT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CITT:



Canadian Institute of Traffic and TransportationOccupation & Positions
Communications and Information Technology TrainingEducational
Cheese in the TrapUnclassified
Center for Innovative Teaching and TechnologyTechnology
Center for International Trade and TransportationTransportation
Certificate in Teaching TechniquesCertifications & Diplomas
Child Improvement Through TherapyTherapy
Citizens' Independent Transportation TrustTransportation
Controlling Interest Transfer TaxTax
Canadian Institute of Theatre TechnologyCanadian
Carbon Infrastructure Transformation ToolUnclassified
Citizen's Independent Transportation TrustTransportation
Citizens Independent Transportation TrustTransportation
Compact Implementation Technical TeamUnclassified
Convergence Insufficiency Treatment TrialUnclassified
Canadian Institute for Theatre TechnologyPerforming Arts
Canadian International Trade TribunalCanadian

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