What does CKD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CKD:



Chronic Kidney DiseasePhysiology
Completely Knocked DownBowling
Cement Kiln DustEnvironmental
Count Key DataGeneral Computing
Cyclical Ketogenic DietPhysiology
Certified Kitchen DesignerOccupation & Positions
Cyclic Ketogenic DietFood & Nutrition
Cycling Ketogenic DietTransportation
Clough Kneizys And DaviesUnclassified
Canada Knock DownWrestling
Cyclic Ketogentic DietingPhysics
Computer Keels DesignComputing
Crooked Creek, Alaska USAAirport Codes
Completely Knock downUnclassified
Choi Kwang DoSports
Chronic Kidney DysfunctionUnclassified
Certified Kitchen DesignersCertifications & Diplomas
Ceskomoravska Kolben DanekUnclassified
Chronic Kidney DiseasesDiseases
Complete Knock DownConstruction
Cone Kernal DistributionUnclassified
Cyclo Ketogenic DietingUnclassified

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