What does CMOS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CMOS:



Complementary Metal-Oxide SemiconductorElectronics
Complementary Metal Oxide SemiconductorGeneral Computing
Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic SocietyOcean Science
Chicago Manual Of StyleLibraries
Credence Systems CorporationNASDAQ Symbols
Cargo Movement Operations SystemMilitary
Cellular Management Operation SystemTelecom
Cerebral Muscle Operation SynapsePhysiology
Computer Minimum Operating SystemGeneral Computing
Can't Motivate Online SlackersFunnies
Complementary Metal Oxide SiliconUnclassified
Complimentary Metal Oxide SemiconductorUnclassified
Complimentary Metal Oxide SiliconUnclassified
Central Market Operating SystemUnclassified
Can't Make Out SquatFunnies
Changable Metal Oxide SemiconductorUnclassified
Société Canadienne de Météorologie et d'OcéanographieSocieties
Combined Management Of ServicesGeneral Business
Central Mass Oral SurgerySurgical
Common Mode Oscillating SystemSoftware
Complementary Material Oxide SemiconductorUnclassified
Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductorUnclassified
Course Management & Operation SystemUniversities
Complementary Metal Oxide SemiconductorsUnclassified

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