What does CNBC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CNBC:



Center BanCorp, Incorporated (de-listed)NASDAQ Symbols
Commercial Neutral Broadcasting CompanyFunnies
Consumer News And Business ChannelNews & Media
Cable - National Broadcasting CompanyNews & Media
Commercials Nothing But CommercialsFunnies
Cheerful News Bad CommentaryFunnies
Can Never Be CorrectUnclassified
Clinton Nobody But ClintonUnclassified
Crap Nothing But CrapUnclassified
Corporate National Business CommercialBusiness
Criminal Negligence Before CredibilityLaw & Legal
Chemical, Nuclear, Biological, and CrapFunnies
Comedy Not Business ChannelBusiness
Could Not Believe CommentaryFunnies
Center for the Neural Basis of CognitionUnclassified
Can Not Believe CramerUnclassified
Cannabis News Business ChannelBusiness
Center for Neural Basis of CognitionUnclassified
Clueless notwithstanding Basic ConclusionsUnclassified

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