What does CND stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CND:



China News DigestNews & Media
Commission on Narcotic DrugsUnited Nations
Campaign for Nuclear DisarmamentNon-Profit Organizations
CannedOccupation & Positions
Calling Number DisplayTelecom
Constanta, RomaniaAirport Codes
Child Nutrition DivisionEducational
Comisión Nacional de DesarrolloSpanish
The Cumulative Normal DistributionUnclassified
Chas N DaveUnclassified
Council For Nuclear DisarmamentCouncil
Chuck N DuckUnclassified
Campaign Nuclear DisarmamentNuclear
Communications and Networking DivisionCompanies & Firms
Custom Nobuo DesignUnclassified
Certidão Negativo de DébitoAccounting
Cider N DrugsHospitals
Coordinadora Nacional DemocráticaGuatemalan
Concerned Nervous DisorderPhysiology
Could Not DuplicateUnclassified
Counter-Narcotics DivisionMilitary
Compulsive Nonsense DepositoryUnclassified
Congrégation de Notre DameReligion
Center for Neurodegenerative DiseaseNeurology
Communists Of North DevonshireUnclassified
Creative Nail DesignUnclassified
Calling Number DeliveryUnclassified
Cards and DiceUnclassified
Casey Niestat DudeUnclassified
Centre National de la DanseUnclassified
Certified Network DefenderCertifications & Diplomas
Colegiul National DecebalUnclassified
Command and decisionUnclassified
Core Network DynamicsUnclassified
Candle Australia LtdASX Symbols
Cardiovascular/Neurological Devices BranchFDA
Cash on Next DeliveryAccounting
Centre National De DanceUnclassified
Computer Network DefenseMilitary
Contemporary Neighborhood DistrictCommunity

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