What does CNT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CNT:



Confederación Nacional del TrabajoSpanish
Center for Neighborhood TechnologyEducational
Carbon NanoTubeChemistry
Centerpoint Properties TrustNYSE Symbols
Clean Needle TechniqueLaw & Legal
Central Nacional de TrabajadoresGuatemalan
Congregation Ner TamidSynagogues
Rational Rose 98 Contents Tab fileFile Extensions
Coordinated Network TestingMilitary
Cherokee National TrustNon-Profit Organizations
Carbon Nano TubeUnclassified
Computer Network TechnologyTechnology
Conglomerated National TelevisionUnclassified
carbon nanotube ToUnclassified
Condé Nast TravelerTravel & Tourism
Center for Neighborhood Technology'sTechnology
Clyde Navigation TrustUnclassified
Center Nanoelectronic TechnologiesUnclassified
Central Networks and TechnologiesUnclassified
Complete Nutritional TransformationUnclassified
Canadian National TowerCompanies & Firms
Commission des normes du travailCommissions
Corporacion Nacional de TelecomunicacionesTelecom
Carbon Nano tubesUnclassified
Carbon Nanotube TechnologyTechnology
Carbon Nanotubes TechnologyTechnology
Cartoon Network TodayUnclassified
Central Netherlands TemperatureUnclassified
Centre for Neuroimaging TechniquesUnclassified
Cherokee Nation TechnologiesUnclassified
Click N TypeUnclassified
Coins N ThingsCoins
Contest And ThatUnclassified
Corpus Nummorum ThracorumUnclassified
Count And TheUnclassified
Certified Narrative TherapistMedical
Certified Nursing TechnicianNursing
Certified Nutritional TherapistCertifications & Diplomas
Community Nursing TeamBritish Medicine

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