What does COACH stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand COACH:



Comprehensive Online Access to Coaching HelpSports
Comprehension, Outlook, Affection, Character, and HumorCommunity
Considerate, Optimist, Attentive, Confident, and HumanisticSports
Contract, Observe, Assess, and Constructively HandleEducational
Creating Options and Conquering HurdlesUnclassified
Care Observe Act Challenge and HelpProfessional Organizations
Centered Open Aware Connected And HoldingUnclassified
Creating Opportunities And Casting HopeUnclassified
COACH: Canada's Health Informatics AssociationSocieties
Coded Aperture Correlation HolographyPhysics
County of Oswego Advocates Challenging HomelessnessCounties
County of Oxfordshire Advice on Care and HealthCounties
Creating Opportunity and Casting HopeUnclassified
Collaboration Outreach Advocacy and Cultural HumilityCulture
Caring, Optimistic, Awesome, Overly Kind, HelpfulFunnies
Citizens Organized for Athletes Committee to High SchoolCommunity

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