What does COCD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand COCD:



Conservapedia obsessive compulsive disorderUnclassified
Continuous Overnight Catheter DrainageUnclassified
Catalog of Open Cluster DataComputing
Code Of Conduct and DisciplineLaw & Legal
Cambodian Organization for Children and DevelopmentDevelopment
Council Of Chairs and DirectorsCouncil
Court of Claims DefenseLaw & Legal
Catalogue of Open Cluster DataUnclassified
Catalogue Of Comet DiscoveriesUnclassified
Causes Of Child DeathUnclassified
Center for Organization and Community DevelopmentTrade Associations
Center for Out of Court DivorceLaw & Legal
Centralized Online Course DatabaseDatabases
Certificate Of Continued DisabilityDisability
Citation Outside Category of DUnclassified
Collector Online Club DirectoryClubs
Committee On Child DevelopmentDevelopment
Committee On Community DevelopmentCommunity
Cross Over Community DevelopmentCommunity

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