What does CODA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CODA:



Cash Or Deferred ArrangementAccounting
Children Of Deaf AdultsUnclassified
Calgary Olympic Development AssociationProfessional Organizations
Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Defensa AmbientalSpanish
Council On Drug AbuseCouncil
Community Of Digital ArtistsCommunity
Child Of a Deaf AdultCommunity
Conceal Outguess Deduce AndUnclassified
Conceal Outguess Deduce And AmazeUnclassified
Cash Or Deferral ArrangementUnclassified
Cash or Deferred Arrangement (401K)Accounting
Central Oklahoma Director's AssociationMusic
Combative Oriental and Defendu ArtsMartial Arts
Collaboration of Designers and ArchitectsArchitecture
Confirmation of Destructive ActionSoftware
Commission on Dental AccreditationDental
Child Of Deaf AdultUnclassified
Central Oklahoma Directors AssociationProfessional Organizations
Collection Of Open Digital ArchivesUnclassified
Cannondale Only Does The AnodizingUnclassified
Council On Domestic AbuseCouncil
Call Of Duty AddictsUnclassified
CEBAF Online Data AcquisitionUnclassified
Centralized On Demand AuctionsUnclassified
Certified Ohio Dental AssistantCertifications & Diplomas
Change of Degree ApplicationUnclassified
Change of Degree AuditAuditing
Collaboration Of Design ArtArt
Compliments Of Dumb A**holesUnclassified
Creating Opportunities for Development in AfricaAfrican
Cannondale Only Design ApplicationMiscellaneous

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