What does COPC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand COPC:



Community Outreach Partnership CenterCommunity
Customer Operations Performance CenterGeneral Business
Contaminants Of Potential ConcernUnclassified
Customer Operations Performance CentreUnclassified
Committee for Operational Processing CentersMeteorology
Customer Operated performance CentreGeneral Business
Chemical of Potential ConcernChemistry
Childhood Obesity Prevention CoalitionUnclassified
Center for Orthotic and Prosthetic CareUnclassified
Childhood Obesity Prevention CollaborativeUnclassified
Center for Orthotic Prosthetic CareUnclassified
Community Outreach Partnerships CentersCommunity
Central Ohio Primary CareUnclassified
Collection of proposals CommitteeCommittees
Community Outreach PartnershipCommunity
Community Outreach Partnership CentersCommunity
Constituent of Potential ConcernUnclassified
Customer Operation Performance CenterUnclassified
Customer Operational Performance CenterUnclassified
Community Oriented Primary CareBritish Medicine

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