What does CORA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CORA:



COlorado Research AssociatesNetworking
Cost Of Risk AnalysisUS Government
Cincinnati Off Road AllianceAlliances
Cost Of Risk AllocationMilitary
Computer Oral Response ActivatedAssembly
Correctional Officer Retention AdvocatesLaw & Legal
Computer Operated Resource AssistantSoftware
California Outdoor Rollerskating AssociationSkating
Chippewa Ottawa Resource AuthorityAuthorities
Colorado Open Records ActLegislation
Community of Online Research AssignmentsCommunity
Cardiac Outcomes Risk AssessmentCardiology
Central Ohio Rare ApeUnclassified
Charleston Ocean Racing AssociationRacing
Creating Opportunities by Recognizing AblitiesCompanies & Firms
Credibility Of Risk AssessmentUnclassified
Central Oklahoma Radio AmateursAmateur Radio
COrporate Responsibility AffairsGeneral Business

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