What does CPHS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CPHS:



C Pseudoparticle Holon And SpinonUnclassified
C Pseudofermion Holon And SpinonUnclassified
C0 Pseudofermion Holon And SpinonUnclassified
Cedar Park High SchoolParks & Recreation
Center for Philosophy and History of ScienceHistory
Central Park Horse ShowParks & Recreation
Champlin Park High SchoolParks & Recreation
College of Pharmacy and Health SciencesPharmacy
College Park High SchoolColleges
Committee for the Protection of Human SubjectsCommittees
Crown Point High SchoolSchools
Cumberland Polytechnic High SchoolSchools
C Pseudoparticle Holon SpinonUnclassified
Caldwell Parish High SchoolSchools
Cayman Prep and High SchoolSchools
Center For Preventive Health ServicesHealthcare
Center For Public Health StudiesHealthcare
Cleveland Park Historical SocietySocieties
Committee For Protection Of Human SubjectsCommittees
Control Points for Halal SlaughteringResearch

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