What does CPIP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CPIP:



Chronic Post-Ischemic PainPhysiology
Cardiology Practice Improvement Pathway (American College of Cardiology Foundation)Cardiology
Calamba Premiere International ParkInternational
Chronic Pulmonary Insufficiency of PrematuritySurgical
Cancer Prevention Internship ProgramCancer
Center for the Protection of Intellectual PropertyLaw & Legal
Child Protection In PracticeLaw & Legal
Chronic post ischemia painUnclassified
Community Participation in PlanningCommunity
Call Priority Interruption ProtectionIT
Canadian Pandemic Influenza PlanMedical
Cancer Prevention Internship Program (Purdue University)Universities
Carrier Pigeon Internet ProtocolNetworking
Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property (George Mason University School of Law)Academic & Science
Certified Pharmaceutical Industry ProfessionalOccupation & Positions
Chemical Physics Interdisciplinary ProgramPhysics
Chronic Post-ischemia PainPhysiology
Clinical Pathology Improvement ProgramAcademic & Science
Clinical Psychology Internship ProgramPsychology
Club Penguin Improvement ProjectGaming
College Preparation Intervention ProgramEducational
Community Partners Incentive ProgramNon-Profit Organizations
Comprehensive Permanent Improvement PlanState & Local
Consejo Profesional de IngenierĂ­a de PetrĂ³leosSpanish
Cornell Program in Infrastructure PolicyUniversities

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