What does CPM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CPM:



Counts Per MinuteUnit Measures
Cost Per thousandNews & Media
Critical Path MethodMilitary
Certified Property ManagerOccupation & Positions
Certified Purchasing ManagerOccupation & Positions
Código Penal MilitarSpanish
Cost Per MilleUnit Measures
Combinatorial Pattern MatchingUnclassified
Certified Professional MidwifeAwards & Medals
Copies Per MonthUnit Measures
Cost Per MilUnit Measures
Cost Per MillionUnit Measures
Chlorpheniramine MaleatePhysiology
Crucible Particle MetallurgyUnclassified
Church Planting MovementReligion
Chief Project ManagerOccupation & Positions
Control Program MonitorUnclassified
Control Port ManagerNetworking
Constant Passive MotionFile Extensions
Capital Project ManagementManagement
Compute Power MarketUnclassified
Common Proper MotionUnclassified
Consumer Product ManagementGeneral Business
Collision Probability MethodPhysics
Crucible Powder MetallurgyFile Extensions
Certification in Pharmaceutical ManagementAcademic Degrees
Command Pulse ModuleNASA
Cipher Pluggable ModuleInternational Business
Conference Participant MinuteUnit Measures
Custom Page ManagementInternet
Colleges Prayer MeetingColleges
CycloPhosphaMide (anticancer drug)Oncology
Continuous Potential MethodUnclassified
Control Program Module (early operating system for computers)Software
Certified Public ManagerCertifications & Diplomas
College of Performance ManagementManagement
Certified Project ManagerProfessional Organizations
Contractors Plant and MachineryConstruction
Certified Payroll ManagerAccounting
Center for Photography at MadisonPhotography & Imaging
Commercial Property ManagementManagement
Component Program ManagerGeneral Business
Containers Per MinuteUnclassified
Commission on Phytosanitary MeasuresCommissions
Continuous Passive MotionPhysiology
Corporate performance managementManagement
Campus Property ManagementManagement
Capital Plaza Mall ( Washington, D. C.)Community
Central pontine myelinolysisMedical
College Preparatory MaterialEducational
California Pellet MillUnclassified
Certified Professional ManagerCertifications & Diplomas
Certified Property ManagementManagement
Certified Property ManagersCertifications & Diplomas
Checkout And Pull MasterUnclassified
Combined Process MethodUnclassified
CommonJS Package ManagerUnclassified
Communist Party MaoistUnclassified
Construction Payment ManagementManagement
Cost Per Thousand ImpressionsInternet
Counts Per MillionUnclassified
Critical Path ManagementManagement
Customer Project ManagementOccupation & Positions
Character Per MinuteGeneral Computing
Chief PatternmakerNavy
Chief Pharmacist's MateNavy
Cintilografia de Perfusão do MiocárdioPortuguese
Civilian Personnel ManualMilitary
Communist Party MarxistPolitics
Company Production ManagementBusiness
Computer Program ModuleNASA
Container Pallet ManifestMiscellaneous
Continuous Permeable MountainGeology
Continuous Phase ModulationAmateur Radio
Copernican International Premium Dividend FundToronto Stock Exchange
Crash Protection MemoryAircraft & Aviation
Cycles Per MinuteNASA

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