What does CPT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CPT:



Carriage Paid ToInternational Business
Current Procedural TerminologyChemistry
Cape Town, South AfricaAirport Codes
Curricular Practical TrainingUniversities
Camden Property TrustNYSE Symbols
Christian Peacemaker TeamProducts
Cone Penetration TestGeology
Computerized Placement TestUniversities
Child Protection TeamPolice
Canadian Pacific RailwayRailroads
Carnivore Preservation TrustVeterinary
Cockpit Procedures TrainerMilitary
Certified Phlebotomy TechnicianOccupation & Positions
The College Placement TestColleges
Certified Performance TechnologistAwards & Medals
Coherent Population TrappingUnclassified
Cell Preparation TubeHuman Genome
CA-Cricket Presents TemplateFile Extensions
Color Palette TableGeneral Computing
Cost Per TransactionUnclassified
Critical Pitting TemperatureUnclassified
Cellular Paging TeleserviceTelecom
Colored People TimeUnclassified
Charge Parity TimeUnclassified
Communication Production TechnologyTechnology
Catastrophic Plate TectonicsUnclassified
dBASE enCryPTed memo fileFile Extensions
Crisis Planning TeamMilitary
Cross Product TeamMilitary
Chrome Plated TrimProducts
Communications Production TechnologyTechnology
Cross Product TermsMathematics
Client Processing TimeGeneral Business
Cost Per TransferBanking
Cosine Packet TransformMathematics
Consumer Protection TrendsUS Government
A Clinical Patient TestingHospitals
Central Payment ToolAccounting
Compact Pro Compressed Macintosh file archiveFile Extensions
Corel Photo-Paint file (Bitmap graphics)File Extensions
Controllable Processing TimesUnclassified
Cape TownCountries
Chest Percussion TherapyPolice
Closet Prude TripletsFunnies
CarpetHousing & Amenities
Cost Per TreatmentHospitals
Codes for Physical TherapyTherapy
Centre de Physique ThéoriqueUnclassified
Committee on Professional TrainingCommittees
Computerized Placement TestsComputing
Coding and Procedural TerminologySoftware
Christian Peacemaker TeamsReligion
Czechoslovakian Pushcart TeamUnclassified
Certified Penetration TesterCertifications & Diplomas
Committee for the Prevention of TortureCommittees
Common Proficiency TestUnclassified
Correct Procedural TerminologyUnclassified
Cost Per ThousandUnclassified
Complete Perineal TearBritish Medicine
Carrier Packet TransportUnclassified
Certified Production TechnicianCertifications & Diplomas
Climate Predictability ToolClimate
Callin People TimeUnclassified
Career Pathway TrainingCareer
Carnitine Palmityl TransferaseBritish Medicine
Charge Parity and TimeUnclassified
Cleveland Public TheatreTheater
College Placement TestColleges
Comfort Pulse TechnologyTechnology
Common Procedural TherapyTherapy
Community Preparedness TeamsCommunity
Controlled Power TechnologiesUnclassified
Copy Paste TraceUnclassified
Current Procedural TeminologyUnclassified
Current Procedure TerminologyUnclassified
A Coding Proper TerminologySoftware
calprotectinBritish Medicine
Canadian Pacific Railway End Of Train DevicesRailroads
Captain - ArmyUS Government
Cargo Processing TechnicianNASA
Carotid Pulse TracingBritish Medicine
Carpat.London Stock Exchange
Carpet or CarportReal Estate
Certified Personal TrainerAwards & Medals
Choroid Plexus TumourBritish Medicine
cisplatinBritish Medicine
City of ComptonMusic
Coalspur Mines LimitedToronto Stock Exchange
Cognitive Performance TestBritish Medicine
Cognitive Processing TherapyPhysiology
Columbia Pictures TelevisionNews & Media
Common Procedural TerminologyMilitary
Computer Program TapeNASA
Computerized Performance TestEducational
Cone Potentiometer TestGeology
Conjunctival Provocation TestBritish Medicine
Continuous Performance TestPhysiology
Conventional Pain TreatmentBritish Medicine
conventional phototherapyBritish Medicine
Cost Payment TechniqueAccounting
Crisis Planing TeamMilitary
Critical pull timeLogistics

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