What does CRI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CRI:



China Radio InternationalRadio Stations
Color Rendering IndexGeneral Computing
Christian Research InstituteReligion
Cancer Research InstituteNon-Profit Organizations
Chronic Renal InsufficiencyDiseases
Composers Recordings, Inc.Companies & Firms
Capitol Resource InstituteCompanies & Firms
Court Reporting InstituteNon-Profit Organizations
Congressional Record IndexUS Government
Color Rendition IndexHardware
Crooked Island, BahamasAirport Codes
Cranial Rhythmic ImpulseHospitals
Color Reversal IntermediateNews & Media
Cranial Rectal InsertionFunnies
Consolidated Rail CorporationRailroads
Cambridge Research InstrumentationCompanies & Firms
Cardiac Recovery IndexLaboratory
Child Rescue InternationalNon-Profit Organizations
Compton Research, Inc.Companies & Firms
Color Reversal InternegativeElectronics
Child Recovery InternationalNon-Profit Organizations
Cathode Ray IndicatorElectronics
Canine Rhinotracheitis InfectionPhysiology
Compatible Reformulated InputUS Government
Continuous Rate of InfusionLaboratory
Centro de Rehabilitación Integral para Ciegos del Area UrbanaGuatemalan
Cities Readiness InitiativeUnclassified
Communication Research InstituteInstitutes
Campus Recreation IntramuralsCampus
Carpet and Rug InstituteInstitutes
Communication Resources IncCompanies & Firms
Croce Rossa ItalianaNon-Profit Organizations
Centerstone Research InstituteInstitutes
Community Rowing IncCompanies & Firms
Container Recycling InstituteInstitutes
Cryptography Research IncResearch
Carr Riggs IngramUnclassified
Certificado de Recebíveis ImobiliáriosUnclassified
Children's Research InstituteInstitutes
CISE Research InfrastructureResearch
Client Resources IncCompanies & Firms
Communications Resource IncCompanies & Firms
Cooperative Resources InternationalUnclassified
Caisson Retained IslandUnclassified
Center For Research InformaticsResearch
Center for Research InnovationResearch
Chinese Radio InternationalInternational
Chronic Renal ImpairmentUnclassified
Chronic Respiratory InsufficiencyUnclassified
Colour Rendering IndexOptics
Community Research InitiativeCommunity
Community Residences IncCommunity
Community Resources for IndependenceCommunity
Composers Recordings IncCompanies & Firms
Composite Ranking IndexMathematics
Confidential Reliable InformantUnclassified
Container Recycling InstitiuteEnvironmental
Container Runtime InterfaceUnclassified
Continuous rate infusionUnclassified
Cooperative Recovery InitiativeUnclassified
Coping Responses InventoryUnclassified
Cranial Rectal InversionUnclassified
Cray Research IncResearch
Credit risk identificationUnclassified
Crisis Response InternationalUnclassified
Criterion Referenced InstructionUnclassified
Cuttings Re injectionUnclassified
Cuttings Reinjection InUnclassified
Cyber Readiness InstituteInstitutes
Collective Routing IndicatorMilitary
Core Relief ItemUnited Nations
Core Relief ItemsNon-Profit Organizations
Corner Reduced IntegrationMathematics

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