What does CSA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CSA:



Community Supported AgricultureFarming & Agriculture
Canadian Standards AssociationCompanies & Firms
Confederate States of AmericaUS Government
Cambridge Scientific AbstractsJournals
Cross Sectional AreaMathematics
Certified Senior AdvisorOccupation & Positions
Cisco Security AgentCyber & Security
Controlled Substances ActLaw & Legal
Child Sexual AbuseLaw & Legal
Chinese Students AssociationStudents
Control Self AssessmentCommunity
Confederate States ArmyMilitary
Clinical Skills AssessmentLaboratory
Community Shared AgricultureFarming & Agriculture
Christian Stewardship AssociationReligion
Chief of Staff of the ArmyMilitary
Commuter Student AssociationUS Government
Casting Society of AmericaProfessional Organizations
Customer Support AssociateOccupation & Positions
Central Service AreaTelecom
Chief Software ArchitectOccupation & Positions
Combat Support AssociatesMilitary
Communications Streaming ArchitectureGeneral Computing
Common System AreaGeneral Computing
Center for Supercomputing ApplicationsUniversities
Consumer Supported AgricultureFarming & Agriculture
Cambodian Student AssociationUniversities
Corps Storage AreaMilitary
Common Sense ApproachGeneral Business
Community Supported AgriculturalFarming & Agriculture
Careside, Inc.AMEX Symbols
Customized Services AdministratorsOccupation & Positions
Crime Syndicate of AmericaLaw & Legal
Customer Support AdvisorOccupation & Positions
Comma Delimited TextFile Extensions
Cognitive Skills AssessmentEducational
Color Space ArrayGeneral Computing
Controlled Shooting AreaMilitary
Consolidated Statutes AnnotatedState & Local
Campus Security AuthorityUniversities
Canadian Standards AssociatesPlastics
County Service AreaState & Local
InterComm ASCII Sheet FileFile Extensions
CIM (Computer-Integrated Manufacturing) Systems ArchitectureElectronics
Collaborative Self AssessmentCommunity
Customized Services AdministratorOccupation & Positions
Conical Spiral AntennaElectronics
Community Safety AgencyLaw & Legal
Chapter Safety AwardAwards & Medals
Central Student AccountingUniversities
Community Standard AdvisorOccupation & Positions
Ultimate Ride Roller Coaster fileFile Extensions
Continental Security AgencyCompanies & Firms
Can't Stand AmericaFunnies
Conway, Steuernagel, and AhernPolitics
Canadian Standards of ApprovalCanadian
Coffee Snobs AnonymousFunnies
Crystal Start ActivatorSoftware
Child Support AgencyState & Local
Cyclic Strain AttenuatorNASA
Civil Structural ArchitecturalArchitecture
Cute Squeezable A**Funnies
Consumer Standards AgencyGeneral Business
Cashier Sales AssociateOccupation & Positions
Cogdell Spencer, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Computer Science ApplicationSoftware
Civil Service AgencyAgencies
Client Server ArchitectureArchitecture
Canadian Space AgencyNASA
Certified Senior AdvisorsCertifications & Diplomas
CycloSporin AHospitals
Confederate States ArchiverUS Government
Compliance Safety AccountabilityUnclassified
Costume Society of AmericaProfessional Organizations
Celiac Sprue AssociationAssociations
corn salt andUnclassified
Corn, Salt, and ApplesFood & Nutrition
Clinical Study AgreementFDA
Celiac Support AssociationAssociations
Charles S AndersonUnclassified
Cheer Star AcademySchools
Cloud Security AllianceProfessional Organizations
Community Supported ArtMuseums
Carbone Smolan AgencyAgencies
Central Service AssociationAssociations
Certified Senders AllianceAlliances
Charlotte Soccer AcademySoccer
Chronic Stable AnginaCardiology
City Supported AgricultureFarming & Agriculture
Cloud SecurityUnclassified
Combat Sports AcademySports
Community School of the ArtsCommunity
Community Services AgencyCommunity
Community Supporting AgricultureFarming & Agriculture
Comprehensive Services ActLegislation
Connecticut Sports ArenaSports
Continental Shelf AssociatesCompanies & Firms
Customized Service AdministratorsUnclassified
Canadian Securities AdministratorsStock Exchange
Canadian Snowbird AssociationTravel & Tourism
Canadian Soccer AssociationSoccer
Canadian Society of AgronomyProfessional Organizations
Canadian Standard AssociationCompanies & Firms
Cash Settlement AverageAccounting
Cat scratch diseaseClinical Medicine
Catalyzed Signal AmplificationLaboratory
Cell Surface AntigenOncology
Central sleep apneaDiseases
Certified Surgical AssistantAwards & Medals
Chief Security AdviserUnited Nations
Chinese scalp acupunctureMedical
chondroitin sulphate ABritish Medicine
Chronic Severe AnaemiaBritish Medicine
Civil Servants AssociationGhana
Civil Service AnnuityGovernmental
Claris Solutions AllianceGeneral Computing
Classified Staff AssociationMilitary
Clinical Spine ApplicationBritish Medicine
Colecţia Şcolii AţelRomanian
Combat Support AgencyMilitary
Combined Starter AlternatorProducts
Combined Statistical AreaGeography
Commercial Solutions, IncorporatedToronto Stock Exchange
Common Services AgencyNon-Profit Organizations
Common Support AircraftMilitary
Complex Spares AssemblyManufacturing
Computer Systems AnalystComputing
Configuration Status AccountingManufacturing
Container Stuffing ActivityMilitary
Continuous Spinal AnaesthesiaSurgical
Cranio-Spinal AxisNeurology
Crankshaft Starter AlternatorProducts
Cricket South AfricaCricket
Cross-Sectional AreaArchitecture
Cryogenic Society of AmericaSocieties
Cub Scouts of AmericaScouting
Cumulative Standard AxleAcademic & Science
Curved Surface AreaMathematics
Customs Self AssessmentUS Government
Customs Self-AssessmentTransportation
Société Canadienne d'AgronomieSocieties

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