What does CSD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CSD:



Circuit Switched DataNetworking
Central Securities DepositoryStock Exchange
Cat scratch diseasePhysiology
Christopher Street DayUnclassified
Current Source DensityElectronics
Carbonated Soft DrinkFood & Nutrition
Community School DistrictCommunity
Customer Service DeskGeneral Business
Circuit Switch DataUnclassified
Corrective Service DisketteGeneral Computing
Custom Software DevelopmentGeneral Computing
Computer Services DivisionGeneral Business
Computational Structural DynamicsPhysics
Corba Software DescriptorSoftware
Community Standards DistrictCommunity
Core Switching DivisionGeneral Business
Cutter Suction DredgerUnclassified
Customer Service DiskGeneral Computing
Critical Sector DetectorTransportation
Community Spirit DevelopmentCommunity
Computer Support DivisionUS Government
Corrective Service DarkstarScience Fiction
Corporate Strategy DialogueUnclassified
Cooperative Services DirectoryNetworking
Concepts and Studies DivisionMilitary
Constant Speed DriveHardware
Computer Science DepartmentComputing
Criteria for Speedy DeletionInternet
Community School of DavidsonCommunity
Community Services and DevelopmentDevelopment
Conservation and Survey DivisionConservation
California School for the DeafSchools
Center forUnclassified
Center for Students with DisABILITIESStudents
Central States DistrictUnclassified
Certified Scrum DevelopersCertifications & Diplomas
Commission on Sustainable DevelopmentDevelopment
Communication Sciences andAcademic & Science
Communication Service for the DeafUnclassified
Column Stride DataUnclassified
Community Services DistrictCommunity
Cooperating School DistrictsSchools
Center for Social DevelopmentDevelopment
Change to Stacked DirectoryUnclassified
Communication Sciences and DisordersAcademic & Science
Center for Sustainable DevelopmentDevelopment
Certified Scrum DeveloperCertifications & Diplomas
Chemical Sciences DivisionChemistry
City of San DiegoUnclassified
Clatskanie School DistrictSchools
Cali Swag DistrictUnclassified
Campbellsport School DistrictSchools
Carbonated Soft DrinksUnclassified
Centennial School DistrictSchools
Ceskolovenske Statni DranyUnclassified
Chronic Slapping DeficiencyUnclassified
Client sideUnclassified
Client Side DecorationsUnclassified
Cock S***ing D*ckheadSlang
Cock Sucking D*ckheadUnclassified
Colebrook School DistrictSchools
Collegiate Sports DataSports
Combined Services DisciplineUnclassified
Comic Studio DebutUnclassified
Commission for Sustainable DevelopmentDevelopment
Communication Science DisordersAcademic & Science
Communication Sciences DisordersAcademic & Science
Compact Shared DocumentUnclassified
Compressed Sparse DimensionsUnclassified
Computer Science DiscoveriesComputing
Computer Security DivisionComputing
Computer Security DivisionsionComputing
Computer Support and DevelopmentDevelopment
Computer System DesignersComputing
Computerized Structural DesignComputing
Container Security DeviceUnclassified
Context for Software DevelopersSoftware
Context for Software DevelopmentSoftware
Contextual Sentence DecompositionUnclassified
Controlled Substance DatabaseDatabases
Crime Suppression DivisionLaw & Legal
Custer School DistrictSchools
Custom Service DescriptorsUnclassified
Custom Sound DesignsUnclassified
Customer Service DistrictUnclassified
Customer Specification DocumentUnclassified
Cutter Suction DredgersUnclassified
Cyber Security DivisionCyber & Security
Calcium Sulphate DihydrateChemistry
Cambridge Structural DatabaseUniversities
Canonical Signed digitAssembly
Canteen Stores DepartmentMilitary
Canteen Supply DepotMilitary
Carbonated Soda Drinks (!)British Medicine
Carotid Sinus DenervationBritish Medicine
Cause-Specific DeathBritish Medicine
Census SubDivision(s)Planning
Central Supply DepartmentHospitals
Central Supply DepotMilitary
Certified Spiritual DirectorReligion
Cervical Spine DisorderBritish Medicine
Chemical Systems DivisionNASA
Child Survival and DiseaseBritish Medicine
Cold Shock DomainBritish Medicine
Communication Science and DisordersPhysics
Compulsive Singing DisorderFunnies
Conduction System DiseaseBritish Medicine
Consolidated Tin Mines LtdASX Symbols
Control System DevelopmentNASA
Correctional Services DepartmentPolice
Cortical Spreading DepressionBritish Medicine
Creep Score DifferenceInternational
Crew Systems DivisionNASA
Cysteine Sulphinate DecarboxylaseBritish Medicine

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