What does CSM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CSM:



Merrill Lynch & Company, Inc.AMEX Symbols
Colorado School of MinesUniversities
Command Sergeant MajorMilitary
College of San MateoColleges
Certified Survey MapGeology
Conceptual Site ModelTransportation
Customer Service ManagerGeneral Business
College of Science and MathematicsColleges
Cigarette Smoking ManChat
Company Sergeant MajorMilitary
Control Strip ModuleChemistry
Corporate Sustainability ManagementGeneral Business
ChloroSulfonated Polyethylene RubberPlastics
Call Switching ModuleNetworking
Cluster System ManagementUniversities
Unnited Kingdom Committee on Safety of MedicinesOncology
Climate System MonitoringOcean Science
Component and Supplier ManagementLogistics
Character Studio MarkerSoftware
Clinically Standardized MeditationLaboratory
Cerebro Spinal MeningitisPhysiology
Charles S MorrisUnclassified
Catholic Services of MacombNon-Profit Organizations
Christian Student MinistriesReligion
Compartmented Security ModeMilitary
Christian Student MovementUniversities
Charles S. MorrisFamous & Celebs
Control System ManagementGeneral Computing
Collective Management SocietiesMiscellaneous
Cutter Soil MixingUnclassified
Card Shuffling MachinePoker
Central Star MagnitudeAstronomy
Convergencia Socialista de MadridSpanish
Central Sugar MillingCompanies & Firms
Communications, Sponsorship, and MarketingMarketing
Cheyenne Support ModuleMilitary
Conventional Scientific MedicinePhysiology
The Charleston Sound MachineUnclassified
Carving and Sculpting MechanismPerforming Arts
Cooperative Study in the MediterraneanOcean Science
CLINTON SHERMAN Airport, Sherman, OklahomaAirport Codes
Combined Sections MeetingUnclassified
Customer Support ManagerGeneral Business
Circulation, Sensation, and MovementNursing
College of Southern MarylandColleges
Central Saint MartinsUnclassified
Come See MeTexting
Controller Server ModuleAircraft & Aviation
Command Sergeant Major - ArmyUS Government
Cyber Security and ManagementAcademic Degrees
Candice Selesha And MonicaUnclassified
Circulation Sensation MovementUnclassified
Cloud Security ModelUnclassified
College of Saint MaryColleges
Corporate Stable ModelUnclassified
Carroll Shelby MotorsUnclassified
Congestion State MachineUnclassified
Coalition to Stop the MadnessUnclassified
Borland C++ 4.5 Precompiled headerFile Extensions
Compatibility Support ModuleUnclassified
Cryptographic Services ModuleCyber & Security
Cat Said MeatUnclassified
Cell Site ModemUnclassified
Center For Student MissionsStudents
Channel Safety MarineUnclassified
Cleanroom Suitable MaterialsUnclassified
Commission on State MandatesCommissions
Continous Shuffling MachineCommunity
Council of Stellar ManagementManagement
Can Stand on MetalUnclassified
Can Stop MuchUnclassified
Cardiff School of ManagementSchools
Career Services ManagerCareer
Carlos Stella MonicaUnclassified
Centro Sviluppo MaterialiUnclassified
Channel Supervision MessageUnclassified
China Special MetalUnclassified
Circulation Sensation and MovementUnclassified
Circulation Sensation MotionUnclassified
Circulation Sensation MotorUnclassified
City Service MissionUnclassified
Client Server ModuleUnclassified
Client Success ManagerUnclassified
Clinical Supplies ManagementClinical Medicine
Cold Swelling and MotionUnclassified
Computer Science MentorsComputing
Computer Society of MaltaSocieties
Construction Science and ManagementConstruction
Contractual Service MarginUnclassified
Core Skills MasteryCertifications & Diplomas
Coronary Smooth MuscleBritish Medicine
Crossway Student MinistryStudents
Cure to Stop MutationsUnclassified
Customer Satisfaction MeasurementUnclassified
Customer Service ManagementManagement
Customer Success ManagerUnclassified
Customer Success MethodologyUnclassified
Canadian Society of MicrobiologistsSocieties
Care Systems ManagementBritish Medicine
Carotid Sinus MassageBritish Medicine
Cause-Specific MortalityBritish Medicine
CerebroSpinal MeningitisPhysiology
Certified Scrum MasterOccupation & Positions
Cervical Spondylotic MyelopathyBritish Medicine
Channel Sales ManagerOccupation & Positions
Chemical Surety MaterialUS Government
Chief SignalmanNavy
Chief Special MechanicNavy
Child Support MaintenanceGovernmental
Chinese Society for MetalsSocieties
Chopped Strand MatMiscellaneous
Christian Science MonitorLibraries
Christian Socialist Movement (!)British Medicine
Circular Smooth MuscleBritish Medicine
Circum-Stellar MaterialAstronomy
Clinical Supply ManagementBritish Medicine
Colecţia Şcolii Generale din Şura MicăRomanian
Command and Service ModuleMilitary
Command Service ModuleNASA
Committee on Safety of MedicinesFDA
Committee on Safety of Medicines (UK)British Medicine
Committee on the Safety of MedicinesBritish Medicine
Common Support ModuleNASA
Computer Status MatrixNASA
Condom Social MarketingEducational
Confined Space MedicineBritish Medicine
Congregation of Saint MarthaReligion
Consolidated Standards ManualBritish Medicine
Corn-Soy MilkBritish Medicine
Société Canadienne des MicrobiologistesSocieties
Zhōngguó Jīnshǔ XuéhuìSocieties

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