What does CSTP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CSTP:



Calendar Server Transfer ProtocolUnclassified
Center for the Study and Treatment of PainUnclassified
Center for Science and Technology PolicyTechnology
Client Server Transaction ProcessingUnclassified
Clinical Scientist Training ProgramClinical Medicine
Commercial SATCOM Terminal ProgramUnclassified
Center for South Texas ProgramsUnclassified
Common Spanning Tree ProtocolUnclassified
California Standards for the Teaching ProfessionUnclassified
Center for Strengthening the Teaching ProfessionUnclassified
Certified Software Test ProfessionalSoftware
Channel Station Time and PolarizationUnclassified
Center for the Study of Tobacco ProductsUnclassified
Certified Security Testing ProfessionalCertifications & Diplomas
Certified Student Travel ProfessionalCertifications & Diplomas
Commercial Satellite Terminal ProgramUnclassified
Committee for Scientific and Technological PolicyCommittees
Comprehensive Stuttering Therapy ProgramTherapy
Cooperative Shark Tagging ProgramUnclassified

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