What does CTS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CTS:



Clear To SendNews & Media
Carpal Tunnel SyndromePhysiology
C T S CorporationNYSE Symbols
Cognizant Technology SolutionsSoftware
Carmichael Training SystemsCompanies & Firms
Classroom Technology ServicesUniversities
Critical Thinking SkillsEducational
China Travel ServiceCompanies & Firms
Common Type SystemProducts
Coolant Temperature SensorChemistry
Catera Touring SedanTransportation
Christian Team ServerReligion
Component Transaction ServerNetworking
Certified Trauma SpecialistOccupation & Positions
Crossroads Television SystemNews & Media
Certified Technology SpecialistOccupation & Positions
Call Tracking SystemTelecom
Communications Technology SatelliteOcean Science
Cardio-Thoracic SurgeryPhysiology
Copper Tube SizeProducts
Certified Temporary StaffingOccupation & Positions
Cordless Telephone SystemTelecom
Canada Treaty SeriesUS Government
Commodity Transportation SurveyTransportation
Consolidated Tape SystemHardware
Contact Test SetMilitary
Conflict Tactic ScaleMilitary
Call The ShotsGeneral Business
Cash To SpendAccounting
New Chitose Airport, Chitose, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JapanAirport Codes
Change Tracking SystemMilitary
Cadillac Touring SedanTransportation
Common Targeting SystemMilitary
Career Technology StudiesUniversities
Corporate Translation ServicesInternational Business
Celebrate The SpiritReligion
Computer and Technology ShowcaseConferences
Conformance Test SystemGeneral Computing
Cluster Testing SystemNetworking
Child Transport SystemProducts
Community Television StationNews & Media
Cylinder Tine SeparationProducts
Permanent location contents (ABC programming language)File Extensions
Compact Touring SedanTransportation
Center for Traffic StatisticsNon-Profit Organizations
Combined Trading SystemStock Exchange
Clinical Technical SupportLaboratory
Certified Temporary SpecialistOccupation & Positions
Commercial To SpaceNASA
Cross Table SamplingMathematics
Candidate Tracking SystemPolitics
Conveyorized Two StationProducts
Cordless Tools StoreCompanies & Firms
Communication Terminal SynchronousNetworking
Cadet Training ShipShipping & Sailing
Compulsive Travellers SyndromeHuman Genome
Compulsive Traveller's SyndromePhysiology
Chicago Telephone ServiceCompanies & Firms
Central Travel SummaryTransportation
Customer and Trading SupportGeneral Business
Cheque Truncation SystemBanking
Center for Transportation StudiesTransportation
Christian Theological SeminaryReligion
Chinese Television SystemNews & Media
Construction Testing ServiceConstruction
Communications and Tracking SystemNASA
Correspondence Tracking SystemFDA
Careflow Transcription SuiteSoftware
Consolidated Technology ServicesTechnology
Collaborative Testing ServicesUnclassified
Computerized Training SystemNASA
Corporate Transportation SpecialistTransportation
Center for Telangana StudiesUniversities
Christ the ShepherdUnclassified
Compatibility Test SuiteUnclassified
Core Text SearchUnclassified
Cadillac Touring SportTransportation
Chirstmas Tree SnowProducts
Connecting the SchoolsSchools
Common Types SystemUnclassified
Construction Testing ServicesConstruction
Container Terminal SalzburgUnclassified
Convert Texture SequencePhysics
Cubic Transportation SystemsTransportation
Cunningham Trading SystemsUnclassified
Carpal Tunnel SyndromesSyndromes
Cascade Training SeriesUnclassified
Cell Therapy SystemsTherapy
Certified Tax SpecialistCertifications & Diplomas
Chain And Triangle SurveyUnclassified
Change Table for StatutesUnclassified
Chicago Theological SeminaryUnclassified
Cincinnati Test SystemsUnclassified
Cincinnati Thermal SprayUnclassified
Clinical Trial StudiesClinical Medicine
Color Temperature StrawUnclassified
Combined Tactical SystemsUnclassified
Communication Technology ServicesTechnology
Complete Technology SolutionsTechnology
Connected Technology SolutionsTechnology
Consolidated Telecom ServicesTelecom
Corvallis Transit SystemUnclassified
Course To SteerMilitary
Credit for Time ServedUnclassified
Cylinder Tine SeparatorUnclassified
υπηρεσίες δοκιών συόρφωσηςGreek
(West African) Command Clerks Training SchoolGhana
Canadian Technology SatelliteNASA
Carphal Tunnel SyndromeGeneral Computing
Catholic Truth SocietyReligion
Cell Transplant SocietySocieties
Changing The SubjectChat
Check Truncation SysytemBanking
Chicago Telephone SupplyCompanies & Firms
Cognitive Technology SocietySocieties
Combat Training SquadronMilitary
Commodity Tracking SystemMilitary
Computer Test SetNASA
Continental Theological SeminaryUniversities
Cosmic Top SecretMilitary
Counseling and Testing SiteFDA

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