What does CUA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CUA:



Catholic University Of AmericaUniversities
Common User AccessGeneral Computing
Credit Union AustraliaCredit Unions
Certified Unix AdministratorOccupation & Positions
Common User ApplicationUnclassified
Call Unit AutodialerTelecom
Control Unit AssemblyMilitary
Certified Usability AnalystCertifications & Diplomas
Catholic University of America'sUniversities
Canadian Urological AssociationCanadian
Center for Ultracold AtomsUnclassified
Cost Utility AnalysisGeneral Business
Catholic University ofUniversities
Credit Union of AmericaUnions
China United AirlinesUnclassified
Codon Usage AnalyzerUnclassified
Commercial Use AuthorizationsUnclassified
Community Umbrella AgenciesAgencies
Composite Ultrasound AgeUnclassified
Conditional Use AuthorizationUnclassified
Consumers United AssociationAssociations
Chronic Urticaria and AngiooedemaBritish Medicine
Commercial Use AuthorizationMilitary
Cost-Utility AnalysisBritish Medicine
Crescent University,Academic & Science
Customer User AdministratorSoftware
Cute, AdorableChat

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