What does CVI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CVI:



Cortical Visual ImpairmentPhysiology
Component Video InputElectronics
Counterflow Virtual ImpactorProducts
Cyber Viral ImplantCyber & Security
Cervical Vertebral InstabilityPhysiology
Cortical Vision ImpairmentUnclassified
Conditional Voluntary IndefiniteMilitary
Center for Veterans IssuesNon-Profit Organizations
Culture Virus IndexedLaboratory
C Virtual InstrumentsCompanies & Firms
Career Values InventoryUS Government
C V Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Confirmed Verbal InstructionEducational
Chronic Venous InsufficiencyPhysiology
Cape Verde IslandsCountries
Certificate of Veterinary InspectionVeterinary
Clinical and Vaccine ImmunologyVaccine
Collegiate Village InnUnclassified
Compulsive Vulvolatric IntrudersUnclassified
Center for the Visually ImpairedUnclassified
Chemical Vapor InfiltrationChemistry
Claims Verification IncCompanies & Firms
Common Variable ImmunodeficiencyMedical
Counter Violence InstituteInstitutes
Condominium Venture IncCompanies & Firms
C for Virtual InstrumentationUnclassified
Canon Virginia IncCompanies & Firms
Cerebral Visual ImpairmentUnclassified
Certificate of Visual ImpairmentCertifications & Diplomas
Certified Ventilation InspectorCertifications & Diplomas
Chemical Vapour InfiltrationChemistry
Chronic Venous InsuffiencyUnclassified
Cjdns Vpn IspUnclassified
Cloud Video InteropUnclassified
Complete Vocal InstituteInstitutes
Composite Video InterfaceUnclassified
Computation Variational InferenceUnclassified
Concours Vaulting InternationalInternational
Concours Voltige InternationalInternational
Core Values IndexUnclassified
Corporate Visual IdentityUnclassified
Crime and Violence InitiativeLaw & Legal
Culinary Vegetable InstituteInstitutes
Cumulative Volume IndexUnclassified
Calvalley Petroleum Incorporated (de-listed)Toronto Stock Exchange
Central Vigilance CommissionGovernmental
CerebroVascular InfarctionPhysiology
Cerebrovascular InsufficiencyPhysiology
Confirmation of Verbal InstructionConstruction

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