What does CVL stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CVL:



Cape Vogel, Papua New GuineaAirport Codes
Central Veterinary Laboratory (of DEFRA)Veterinary
Light Aircraft CarrierShipping & Sailing
Conservative Vice LordUnclassified
Caveat Viator LimitedUnclassified
Church Video LicenceChurches
Center for Vital LongevityUnclassified
Central Valley LacrosseLacrosse
Central Venous LineUnclassified
Central Veterinary LaboratoriesVeterinary
Certificat de Vente LibreUnclassified
Coastal Vector ListUnclassified
Coastal Vector ListingUnclassified
Cognex Vision LibraryLibraries
Common Variability LanguageUnclassified
Community Ventures in LivingCommunity
Competitive Volleyball LeagueVolleyball
Component Validation ListUnclassified
Compton Varrio LargoUnclassified
Computer Vision LaboratoryComputing
Conservative Vice LordsUnclassified
Corona Vario LocosUnclassified
Correlation Velocity LogUnclassified
Counterrotating Vorticity LayerUnclassified
Cethar Vessels LimitedCompanies & Firms

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