What does CANADA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CANADA:



Come And Nap All Day AnytimeFunnies
Coquitlam And Naniamo Are Darn AnnoyingFunnies
Can Anybody Name A Dumber AreaFunnies
Can Anyone Name A Dumber AcronymFunnies
Country of A Nice Alms Dollar AdventFunnies
Cool And Nice Allies of Doomed ArmisticeFunnies
Country And Nice Allies of Dollar ArgumentsFunnies
Come Any Night After Dark AloneFunnies
Can A New American Do Anything?Funnies
Country All Northern A** Dudes ApproachFunnies
Can All North Americans Die ASAP?Funnies
Country About Never Awakening Dumb AssesFunnies

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