What does DAD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DAD:



Diode Array DetectorElectronics
Days After DeliveryUnit Measures
Death And DestructionUnclassified
Disneyland After DarkCompanies & Firms
Depression After DeliveryPhysiology
Digital Audio DiscNews & Media
Digital Auto DriveTransportation
Database Access DescriptorDatabases
Distributed Application DevelopmentSoftware
Defense Acquisition DeskbookMilitary
Data Access DescriptorDatabases
Da Nang, Viet NamAirport Codes
Decide, Announce, DefendNews & Media
District Athletic DirectorOccupation & Positions
Dangerous Airports DatabaseTransportation
Digital Art and DesignPhotography & Imaging
Dead Animal DisposalState & Local
Dashing And DebonairChat
Digital Audio DistributionUnclassified
Digital Audio DeliveryUnclassified
Downright Awesome DudeFunnies
David Appreciation DayUnclassified
Diamonds After DarkCompanies & Firms
Dispersive Anomalous DiffractionPhysics
Dear Ancient DaddyOccupation & Positions
Domenico AdamoFamous & Celebs
Diversity And DialogueUnclassified
Digital Assistant DeviceUnclassified
Design, Announce, DefendEngineering
Degrease, Abrade, and DegreaseMilitary
Debts Accruing DailyUnclassified
Dedicated Angling DirectorOccupation & Positions
Direction of Attention DetectionPerforming Arts
Disciplined Access DemandingUnclassified
Designated Alert DetachmentMilitary
Dad And DaughterUnclassified
Do A DabFunnies
Drinking and DrivingUnclassified
Dinosaurs And DragonsInternet
Diffuse Alveolar DamagePhysiology
Doctor All DayMiscellaneous
Dumb And DuchebagChat
Drink And DriveFunnies
Dungeons And DragonsUnclassified
Dead As DoornailsFunnies
Do As DemandWannas
Don't Ask DadFunnies
Dumb And DumberMiscellaneous
PowerShares DB Agriculture Double Short Exchange Traded NotesToronto Stock Exchange
Dad american dadUnclassified
Defence Accounts DepartmentEmployment
Daughters against dppUnclassified
Daring And DependableInternet
Dark Angel DigitalCompanies & Firms
Definitely Ask DailyUnclassified
Dime A DanceFunnies
Duplicate Address DetectionDatabases
Diabetic Alert DogDogs Related
Doug Aaron DaveUnclassified
Deadly Acrobatic DinosaursFunnies
Dress and DieUnclassified
Dear Adorable DeityUnclassified
Delivering Additional DisclosuresUnclassified
Dicated Affectionate and DotingUnclassified
Digital Analog DigitalUnclassified
Digital Art DeviceUnclassified
Digital Asset DistributionHardware
Digital Audio DenmarkUnclassified
Disability Awareness DayDisability
Disciplined Agile DAUnclassified
Dollar A DayUnclassified
Donovan Audio DesignsUnclassified
Doug and DebbieUnclassified
Da Amazing DadFunnies
Disciplined agile deliveryUnclassified
Documents After DigitizationComputing

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