What does DAO stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DAO:



Data Access ObjectGeneral Computing
Disk At OnceGeneral Computing
Defense Attaché OfficeMilitary
Defense Accounting OfficeMilitary
Database Access ObjectDatabases
Does Anyone OwnChat
Departmental Administrative OrderOcean Science
Digital Archival ObjectUnclassified
Division Ammunition OfficerMilitary
Double Action OnlyUnclassified
Distributed Autonomous OrganisationUnclassified
District Administrative OfficerGhana
Degree Added OnUnclassified
Design around ObjectsUnclassified
Decentralised Autonomous OrganisationUnclassified
Data Access ObjectsUnclassified
Done After OneUnclassified
Digital Asset OptimizationInternet
Delivering as OneUnited Nations
Dragon Age OriginsUnclassified
Department/ Agency/ OrganizationMilitary
Decentralized Autonomous OrganizationUnclassified
Decentralized Autonomous OrganizationsUnclassified
Degree Add OnUnclassified
Disclosure, Apology and OfferLaw & Legal
Distributed Autonomous OrganizationUnclassified
Dragon Age: OriginsGaming
Department Account OfficerAccounting
District Accounts OfficerOccupation & Positions
Divisional Accounts OfficerAccounting

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