What does DARE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DARE:



Drug Abuse Resistance EducationEducational
Database of Abstracts of Reviews of EffectsPhysics
Dictionary of American Regional EnglishNews & Media
Drug And Alcohol Resistance EducationLaw & Legal
Dachshund Adoption Rescue and EducationVeterinary
Drugs Are Real ExpensiveFood & Nutrition
Drugs and Alcohol Resistance EducationLaw & Legal
Denver AWIPS Risk Reduction and Requirements EvaluationOcean Science
Disabled Anarchist Revolutionary EnclaveFunnies
Drugs Are Really EvilCommunity
Design Art Recreational EventPerforming Arts
Disaster Assistance for Rescue and EvacuationUS Government
Define, Assess, Resolve, EvaluateUniversities
Donuts Are Really EdibleFood & Nutrition
Define, Assess, Respond, EvaluateEducational
Drugs Are Really ExpensiveFunnies
Drug Awareness Resistance EducationEducational
Daring Anointed Radical EvangelistsUnclassified
Dots Are Really EvilFunnies
Define Assess Respond EvaluateUnclassified
Delicious And Responsible EatingRestaurants
Delft Aerospace Rocket EngineeringEngineering
Developmental Association for Renewable EnergiesProfessional Organizations
Diversifying Academia Recruiting ExcellenceUnclassified
Direct Action for Rights and EqualityUnclassified
Dark Ages Radio ExplorerUnclassified
Decolonize Awaken Resist and ExistUnclassified
Defence Avionics Research EstablishmentResearch
Dialogue About Radicalisation And EqualityUnclassified
Disability Access Route to EducationDisability
Discovery Applied Research and EntrepreneurshipResearch
Database of Abstracts of Reviews of EffectivenessBritish Medicine

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