What does DAS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DAS:



Department of Administrative ServicesUS Government
Direct Attached StorageNetworking
Data Acquisition SystemMilitary
Days After SowingUnit Measures
Distributed Annotation SystemNetworking
Days At SeaOcean Science
Digital Audio SystemElectronics
Disease Activity ScoreLaboratory
Dial A SongNews & Media
Direct Access SchemeSoftware
Discrete Amplifier StageElectronics
Dual Attachment StationHardware
Diversified Agency ServicesGeneral Business
Dimer-Adatom-Stacking faultElectronics
Developmental Apraxia of SpeechPhysiology
Data Access ServerDatabases
Decimal Adjust after SubtractionAssembly
Deep And ShallowMusic
Dead Air SpaceAmateur Radio
Director of the Army StaffMilitary
Distributed Application ServicesNetworking
Density Analysis SystemUSPS
Differential Ability ScaleEducational
Dataset Attribute StructureDatabases
Defense Avionics SystemMilitary
Distributed Application SupportNetworking
Direct Absorption SpectroscopyElectronics
Dual Access StationEducational
Distributed AML (Automated Media Libraries) ServerHardware
Delft Active SuspensionChemistry
Dental Anatomy SimulationUniversities
Dark Angels of SinReligion
Dutch Aquarium SystemsCompanies & Firms
Double Asymptotic ScalingMathematics
Deep And ShortSports
Dark Angels SiteScience Fiction
Division of Apprenticeship StandardsState & Local
Distributed Antenna SystemTelecom
Don't Act StupidChat
Date Arrived on StationMilitary
Decision Analysis SocietySocieties
Downey Adult SchoolSchools
Dynamic AnimationUnclassified
Deadly Assassination SquadScience Fiction
Dependable Auto ShippersUnclassified
Digital Archives SpecialistLibraries
Directly Attached StorageUnclassified
Distributed Antenna SystemsUnclassified
Data Analysis SystemUnclassified
Dawn Alliance ShipScience Fiction
Delaware Anime SocietySocieties
Dynamic Allocated SpaceSoftware
Diagnostic Assistance SystemUnclassified
Denver Astronomical SocietySocieties
Double After SplitUnclassified
Dallas Animal ServicesAnimals
Data Aggregation SystemUnclassified
Debt Arrangement SchemeUnclassified
Decentralization and SecurityUnclassified
Decentralized and SecureUnclassified
Decision Aid SystemUnclassified
Dental Arm SupportDental
Department of Administrative SecurityUnclassified
Deutscher Automobil SchutzUnclassified
Dialed Access ServiceUnclassified
Digital Access ServiceUnclassified
Digital Addressable SystemUnclassified
Direct Access SoftwareSoftware
Direct Adapative SteeringUnclassified
Direct Attach StorageUnclassified
Disability Access ServicesDisability
Distributed Aperture SystemUnclassified
Division of Administrative ServicesUnclassified
Domain Administration ServerUnclassified
Domain Availibility ServiceUnclassified
Dynamic Animation SystemsUnclassified
Data Access ServiceAcademic Degrees
Data Analysis StationNASA
Deep Air SupportMilitary
Delivery Area SurchargeBusiness
Detroit Audubon SocietyNon-Profit Organizations
Digital Address SystemNASA
Digital Avionics SystemNASA
Direct Access SubscriberMilitary
Diversity Alliance for ScienceNon-Profit Organizations
Documentation Accountability SheetNASA

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