What does DCT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DCT:



Discrete Cosine TransformGeneral Computing
Discrete Cosine TransformationMathematics
Digital Capture TechnologySoftware
Daily Conditioning TreatmentSports
Dual Clutch TransmissionProducts
Diversified Cooperative TrainingEducational
Destination Control TableGeneral Computing
Deep Cryogenic TreatmentOncology
Diversified Career TechnologyOccupation & Positions
Director Control TowerMilitary
Digital Component TechnologyElectronics
Digital Communications TerminalMilitary
Death Certificate TranscriptionState & Local
Dream Come TrueHobbies
Database dictionary (Clarion Database Developer)File Extensions
Depth Charge ThrowerMilitary
Digital Cordless TelecommunicationsTelecom
Digital Core TechnologyHardware
Development Consulting And TrainingOccupation & Positions
Developmental Certification TestMilitary
Spell checking dictionary (Clarion - Harvard Graphics 3.0 - Symphony)File Extensions
Duncan Town, Ragged Island, BahamasAirport Codes
Data Capture TemplateDatabases
Dictionary, Spelling, Adobe IllustratorFile Extensions
Dead Cycle TimeSoftware
Distal Convoluted TubulePhysiology
Digital Cable TransceiverNetworking
Dispersion Control TechnologyTechnology
Dallas Children's TheaterTheater
Daunorubicin, Cytarabine, ThioguanineBritish Medicine
Defenca Civil TerritorialUnclassified
Defense Consultative TalksUnclassified
Delaware Center for TransportationTransportation
Design Critique TimeUnclassified
Detection and Checking TechnologyTechnology
DHL Capability ToolUnclassified
Digital Cellular TechnologyTechnology
Digital Communication TerminalUnclassified
Digital Communications TechnologiesUnclassified
Discovery Channel TelescopeUnclassified
Diversified Career TrainingCareer
Diversified Chemical TechnologiesChemistry
Diversified Construction TechnologiesConstruction
Document Capture TechnologiesUnclassified
Domino Configuration TunerUnclassified
Double Clutch TransmissionUnclassified
Dreams Come TrueUnclassified
Dual Compression TechnologyTechnology
Ducal Clutch TransmissionUnclassified
Dynamic Contraction TechniqueUnclassified
Direct Contact TestBritish Medicine
direct Coombs testBritish Medicine
Direct Coombs' TestHospitals
Direct Credit TransferGovernmental
direct currentBritish Medicine
Director of Clinical TrainingCertifications & Diplomas
Disabled Children’s TeamBritish Medicine
Division of Counter-TerrorismFDA
dynamic CTBritish Medicine

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