What does DDM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DDM:



Distributed Data ManagementGeneral Computing
Digital Direct MarketingMarketing
Dungeon Dice MonstersUnclassified
Drop Down MenuSoftware
Data Diffusion MachineGeneral Computing
Device Driver ModuleSoftware
Dodoima, Papua New GuineaAirport Codes
Dynamic Desktop MediaNews & Media
Deadliest Death MatchGaming
Dependent Data MartDatabases
Digital Distribution of MusicNews & Media
Direct Democracy ManifestoPolitics
Document Data MaintenanceGeneral Business
Dime's Data ModelUnclassified
Daddy Daughter MomentsUnclassified
Discrete Data ManagementNASA
Department of Disaster ManagementManagement
Direct Drive MountUnclassified
Dimes Data ModelUnclassified
Doctor of Dental MedicineBritish Medicine
Daily Dictation MembersUnclassified
Dat Doll MakerUnclassified
Data Driven MarketingMarketing
Daves Discount MotorsUnclassified
Deseret Digital MediaNews & Media
Design Data ManagerUnclassified
Digital Development ManagementDevelopment
Digital Diagnostics MonitoringUnclassified
Direct Debit MandateUnclassified
Direct Digital ManufacturingManufacturing
Directorate of Data ManagementManagement
Discovery Dependency MappingUnclassified
District Determined MeasuresUnclassified
Dividend Discount ModelUnclassified
Doctoral Dissertations in MusicologyMusic
Domain Decomposition MethodsUnclassified
Domino Domain MonitoringUnclassified
Drift Detection MethodUnclassified
Dual Digital MultiplexerUnclassified
Dynamic Device MappingUnclassified
Dysharmonie Dento MaxillaireUnclassified
Data Display ModuleNASA
Data Display MonitoringNASA
Death Destruction MayhemUnclassified
Demineralised Dentin MatrixBritish Medicine
Department of Deasaster ManagementEnvironmental
Design Decision MatrixBritish Medicine
Designated Defensive MarksmanshipMilitary
Deviation Decision ManagementAccounting
Differential Diagnosis ManagerBritish Medicine
Digital Data ModemMilitary
Diploma in Dermatological MedicineBritish Medicine
Distant Detectable MetastasesCancer
Division of Dockets ManagementFDA

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