What does DDST stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DDST:



Disaster Decision Support ToolUnclassified
Discovery and Delivery Study TeamUnclassified
Double Daylight Saving TimeTime Zones
Downsized Deployable Satellite TerminalMilitary
Denver Developmental Screening TestEducational
Deployment and Distribution Support TeamUnclassified
Douglas Dolfins Swim TeamSwimming
Dothan Dolphin Swim TeamSwimming
Denver Development Screening TestDevelopment
Data Driven Smooth TestsUnclassified
Deputy Director for Science and TechnologyTechnology
Division of Discovery Science TechnologyTechnology
Double Disc Synergy TestUnclassified
Data Driven Self TimedSoftware
Denver Developmental Screening TestsUnclassified
Double Disk Synergy TestHardware
Drug Delivery Systems TechnologiesCompanies & Firms

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