What does DDT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DDT:



Dichloro Diphenyl TrichloroethaneChemistry
Deflagration-to-Detonation TransitionMilitary
Don't Do ThatChat
Dynamic Debugging TechniqueGeneral Computing
Dramatic Dream TeamNews & Media
Dynamic DNS (Domain Naming System) ToolSoftware
Drop Dead TwiceFunnies
Decoy, Distract, and TrashFunnies
Damien's Dinner TimeUnclassified
Dichloro Diphenyl TrichloromethylmethaneEnvironmental
Dirty Dream TonightChat
Desperate Devil TriggerFunnies
Dancing Dead ThingsFunnies
Distributed Decision-aid ToolMilitary
Depth, Detail, and TimbrePerforming Arts
Damn Devastating TerrorUnclassified
Drift Dash TechniqueMilitary
Dead Tying ToadFunnies
Digital Data TransferNetworking
Damian's Death TrapScience Fiction
Daffy Definition ThursdayFunnies
Doom Depot TeamUnclassified
Dynamic Desktop ThemesUnclassified
Density, Distance, and TerrainMeteorology
Dig Darsini TikaUnclassified
Doki Doki TunnelingUnclassified
Damien Derek TrotterUnclassified
Dynamic Debug for TridentElectronics
Dark Dirigible TitanUnclassified
Dichloro Diphenyl TrichloroethanedichlorodiphenyltrichloroethaneUnclassified
Dichloro Diphynl TrichloroethaneAcademic & Science
Data Driven TestsUnclassified
Durable Denver TickUnclassified
Dofkas Destruction TheoryUnclassified
Dillards, Inc., Capital Trust INYSE Symbols
Documento Di TrasportoUnclassified
D Development ToolsDevelopment
D dopachrome tautomeraseUnclassified
Definition of DDT TheUnclassified
Diagnostic Determination TechnologyTechnology
Dichloro Diphenyl TrichloroUnclassified
Director Discretionary TimeUnclassified
Directors Discretionary TimeUnclassified
Distributed Debugging ToolUnclassified
Divine Dance TroupeUnclassified
Dono Disto TudoTV Stations
Drug Development ToolDevelopment
Drug Development ToolsDevelopment
Data Driven TestingSoftware
DataDot Technology, LTD.ASX Symbols
Dead Drop TimeSports
Ding Dong TongUnclassified
Training Destroyer (Destroyer, Destroyer, Training)Shipping & Sailing

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