What does DEEP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DEEP:



Documenting Effective Educational PracticesEducational
Downingtown Educational Enrichment ProgramEducational
Deep Evolutionary Extragalactic ProbeUnclassified
Describe Explain Evaluate And PrescribeUnclassified
Detroit Environmental Enforcement ProgramEnvironmental
Diabetes Empowerment Education ProgramEducational
Daily Even Everything PossibleUnclassified
Department of Energy and Environmental ProtectionEnergy
Department of Environmental Energy ProtectionEnergy
Discovering Everyones Eternal PurposeUnclassified
Driver Evaluation and Education ProgramEducational
Dyer EEG Evoked PotentialUnclassified
Direct Entry English ProgramEnglish
Dartmouth Engineering Entrepreneurship ProgramEngineering
Distribution Equipment Engineering PlanningPlanning
Department of EnergyEnergy
Dementia Engagement and Empowerment ProjectUnclassified
Decisions Emotions Energies and PolaritiesUnclassified
Deregulation Evaluation of Established PestsUnclassified
Developing Excellence in Engineering and PhysicsEngineering
Dialogue Empathic Engagement and PeacebuildingUnclassified
Discipleship Evangelism Edification And PraiseUnclassified
Discovery of Efficacy Electricity PriceUnclassified
Duke Energizing Exercise ProgramUnclassified
Dynamic Enriched Experiential PsychotherapyUnclassified
Deep Extragalactic Evolutionary ProbeUnclassified
Duke Energizing Exercise PlanUnclassified

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