What does DHL stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DHL:



Diffuse Histiocytic LymphomaOncology
Delivery Halfway LostFunnies
Description Horn LogicSoftware
Dalsey, Hillblom, and LynnCompanies & Firms
Deliver Here LastFunnies
Day and a Half LateFunnies
Didn't Have LunchChat
Drastic Hearing LossPhysiology
Deutsche Heitwasslabungden LuffposteCompanies & Firms
Dumped, Hidden, or LostFunnies
Documents Hopelessy LostFunnies
Didn't Hit the LotteryFunnies
Devoted Hanson LoverFunnies
Diffuse Histiocytic LeukemiaPhysiology
Denfield Hockey LeagueHockey
Donkey, Horse, or LegsFunnies
Doaul Hockey LeagueHockey
Damn Heavy LoadFunnies
Dalsey Hillblom and LynnCompanies & Firms
Dickson Hardy LittlewoodUnclassified
Doctor of Humane LettersAcademic Degrees
Dalsey Hillblom Lynn (the names of the three founders of DHL Express)Companies & Firms
Douie Houie and LouieUnclassified
Delivers Here LateUnclassified
Deutche Hollandaise LinesCompanies & Firms
Drop it, Hide it, Loose itChat
Down Hill LogisticsCompanies & Firms
Das heisst langsamUnclassified
Dalsey Hillbolm and LynnUnclassified
Degree of Honor LodgeUnclassified
Deutsche Hof LangemGerman
Deliver Horribly LateUnclassified
Delivery hours lateUnclassified
Dewey Huey LouieUnclassified
Distemper Hepatitis LeptospirosisVeterinary
Dag Hammarskjöld LibraryLibraries
Dalsey Hilbloom and LynnUnclassified
Dalsey Hillblom LynnBusiness
Daryl Harry and LarryUnclassified
Deutsche Handels LogistikGerman
Dusted Her LingerieFunnies
Dyera Hutan LestariUnclassified
Dynamic Head LoadingUnclassified
Delivered Horrendously LateLogistics
Delivery Horribly LateLogistics
Deutschland Hires LosersFunnies
Dewey, Huey, & LouieFunnies
Dog Humps LegGeneral Business
Don't Hurry LoveChat

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