What does DIF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DIF:



Desarrollo Integral de la FamiliaMexican
Data Interchange FormatNetworking
Directory Interchange FormatNetworking
Differential Item FunctioningMathematics
Development Impact FeeHousing & Amenities
Dairy Industry FederationVeterinary
Dearborn Iron FoundryCompanies & Firms
Difference In FahrenheitUnit Measures
OS/2 Display Information FileFile Extensions
Patch script DIFference data fileFile Extensions
Discriminate Information FunctionMathematics
Dange Im FohrausGerman
Digitally Improvized FormatFile Extensions
Danmarks Idraets ForbundSports
Detroit Iron FoundryCompanies & Firms
Data Interchange Format - DatabaseFile Extensions
Detroit International FoundryCompanies & Firms
Dearborn Industrial FactoryCompanies & Firms
Decimation In FrequencyUnclassified
Decentralized Identity FoundationFoundations
District Improvement FinancingUnclassified
Data Integrity FieldComputing
Deletion Induced FilamentationBiotechnology
Delusional Idiots ForumForums
Demolition italian forceUnclassified
Deposit Insurance FundFunds
Depositors Insurance FundFunds
Difficulty Importance FrequencyUnclassified
Digital Imaging FacilityPhotography & Imaging
Digital Innovation FestivalFestivals
Digital Innovation ForumForums
Digital Interface FormatUnclassified
Digital Interoperability ForumForums
Diocesan Investment FundInvestments
Directorate of Institutional FinanceFinance
Disability Income FellowDisability
Disruptive Innovation FestivalFestivals
Distributed Instruction FrameworkUnclassified
Divisional Instructional FacilitatorUnclassified
Dynamix Interior FileUnclassified
Discrete Increment FilterNASA
Discrete Inverse FourierMathematics
Discriminant Index FunctionMathematics

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