What does DISA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DISA:



Defense Information Systems AgencyMilitary
Data Interchange Standards AssociationSoftware
Direct Inward Switch AccessTelecom
Direct Inward Station AccessNetworking
Defence Institute of South AfricaAfrican
Diploma in Information Systems AuditCertifications & Diplomas
Differentiated Intake System ActuatorUnclassified
Distributed Internet Server ArrayInternet
Direct Inward System AccessUnclassified
Diploma in Information System AuditCertifications & Diplomas
Defense Infonnation Systems AgencyAgencies
Digital Imaging South AfricaAfrican
Dynamic Internet Solutions ArchitectureInternet
Daniel Island Soccer AcademySoccer
Depression in Swedish AdolescentsPhysiology
Depth Integrated Sample ArmUnclassified
Dhaka International Schools AssociationInternational
Differentiated Intake SystemAutomotive
Differenzierte SauganlageAutomotive
Dual Resonance Intake SystemAutomotive

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