What does DISP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DISP:



Dalhousie Integrated Science ProgramEducational
Developing Information Systems for PurchasersGeneral Business
Defence Industry Security ProgrammeUnclassified
Duke Imaging and Spectroscopy ProgramPhotography & Imaging
Department of International Services and ProgramsUnclassified
DUII Intensive Supervision ProgramUnclassified
Deighton Into Sport ProjectSports
DUII (Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants) Intensive Supervision ProgramLaw & Legal
Defence Industry Security ProgramUnclassified
Diabetes Interdisciplinary Studies ProgramDiseases
Declassified Intelligence Satellite PhotographsUnclassified
Diabetes Interdisciplinary Study ProgramDiseases
Directory Information Shadowing ProtocolUnclassified
Dynamic Information Sharing PlatformCyber & Security
Disability Income Security Program (sick leave)State & Local
Drug Investigation Support ProgramMilitary
Draft International Standardized ProfileIT
Disposition ParameterIT
San Pedro, Ivory CoastAirport Codes
Displacement (Offset)Physics
dispensaryBritish Medicine
Dispatch RegisterAccounting
Directory Information Shadow ProtocolIT
Direction Interrégionale des Services Pénitentiaires (French: Interregional Directorate of Prison Services)Law & Legal
Digital Image and Signal ProcessingIT
Digital Identity Service Provider (Signicat)Cyber & Security
Developing Information System for PurchasersBritish Medicine
Décision et Information pour les Systèmes de Production (French: Decision and Information Systems for Production)Products

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