What does DJ stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DJ:



Dow Jones & Company, IncorporatedNYSE Symbols
Disc JockeyNews & Media
De JaneiroRegional
Dust JacketProducts
Don JuanFamous & Celebs
Day JobOccupation & Positions
Desk JockeyGeneral Business
Derek JeterFamous & Celebs
Digital JukeboxMusic
David JonesMusic
Davy JonesFamous & Celebs
December and JanuaryMonths Abbreviations
Davey JonesFamous & Celebs
Digital JockeyOccupation & Positions
David JohnNames and Nicknames
Dale JuniorNames and Nicknames
Desk JobUnclassified
Disc JokeyUnclassified
Donna JeanNames and Nicknames
Dark JediScience Fiction
Disk JockyUnclassified
Designer JeansUnclassified
Davey JohnstoneFamous & Celebs
Dinner JacketUnclassified
Donald JohnNames and Nicknames
Dallas JohnsonSchools
Dalton JamesNames and Nicknames
Don, JuniorNames and Nicknames
Dirt JumpingUnclassified
Daisy JaneNames and Nicknames
Double JumpAthletics
Dirt JumperUnclassified
Disco JockeyUnclassified
Double JumpingRiding
Donald JosephNames and Nicknames
Donna JoeNames and Nicknames
David JacobNames and Nicknames
David JenkinsNames and Nicknames
David JonathanNames and Nicknames
Dennis JamesNames and Nicknames
Dynamic JobOccupation & Positions
Donna JoNames and Nicknames
Dylan JamesNames and Nicknames
Dope JunkieLaw & Legal
Dennis, JuniorNames and Nicknames
Dimension JumpUnclassified
Danny JuniorNames and Nicknames
Debra JeanNames and Nicknames
Double JunctionUnclassified
Drake JamesNames and Nicknames
Distribution JunctionElectronics
Dumb JockSports
Don JenkinsNames and Nicknames
Dispatch JeepMilitary
Doug JuniorNames and Nicknames
Directed JumpingDogs Related
Dumb JerkChat
Delaney JosephNames and Nicknames
Diva Of JamzUnclassified
Damn JackassUnclassified
Debbie JoeNames and Nicknames
Digital JimmyNames and Nicknames
Duane, JuniorNames and Nicknames
Deborah JoanNames and Nicknames
Drunken JackassUnclassified
Donna JuanitaNames and Nicknames
Deaf JackassFunnies
Doc JulieNames and Nicknames
Don JovanniNames and Nicknames
Dixie JuniorNames and Nicknames
Drunk JayUnclassified
Digital JuggernautFunnies
Darryl JuniorNames and Nicknames
Doesn't JamHardware
Day JanitorUnclassified
Dynamite JumperOccupation & Positions
Dominique JadoulNames and Nicknames
Discipleship JourneyUnclassified
Diego JoaquinNames and Nicknames
Dusty JuniorNames and Nicknames
Dull JerkChat
Derik JamesNames and Nicknames
Daring JumpingUnclassified
Deadly JumperUnclassified
Dometrice JamesNames and Nicknames
Dry JumperClothing
Deveron JerUnclassified
Daily Jolt (Clarkson University)News & Media
A Don JohnUnclassified
Danna JhonnesNames and Nicknames
Darling JeebusUnclassified
Debra JeannetteNames and Nicknames
Dementia JungianistNames and Nicknames
Dereck JuniorNames and Nicknames
Duby, JuniorNames and Nicknames
Dina JayNames and Nicknames
Daryl JuniorNames and Nicknames
Derrick JohnNames and Nicknames
Dear JaneQuilting
Dana JoUnclassified
Dear JohnUnclassified
Department of JusticeUS Government
Donating JoyUnclassified
Dyllan JamesNames and Nicknames
Danna JhonnesitNames and Nicknames
Dookie JawUnclassified
Dow JonesUnclassified
Dumpster JockeyCyber & Security
Danger JaguarUnclassified
Diana JaneUnclassified
Disinterested JerkChat
Danny JamesNames and Nicknames
Demetrius JeromeUnclassified
Dona JoeUnclassified
Derwin JuniorNames and Nicknames
Dameron JamalNames and Nicknames
Dammit JenniferUnclassified
Dangerous JockstrapsUnclassified
Delenn JuniorNames and Nicknames
Dolores JoshuaUnclassified
Daniel JeremiahNames and Nicknames
Daniel JosephNames and Nicknames
Dogg JiveUnclassified

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