What does DLL stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DLL:



Dynamic Link LibrarySoftware
Delay Locked LoopElectronics
Doubly Linked ListDatabases
Direct Link LibraryNASDAQ Symbols
Descubrimiento La LecturaSpanish
Dinosaur Lizard LibraryFunnies
Dynamic Ly LinkedUnclassified
Division of Lifelong LearningEducational
Data Link LayerNetworking
Delay Lock LoopUnclassified
Discrete Logarithmic LoopUnclassified
Dynamic Link LibrariesLibraries
De Lage LandenUnclassified
Double Leading LogarithmicMathematics
Dramatic Lisp LinkerSoftware
Digital Delay LockedUnclassified
Dynamically Loaded LibraryLibraries
Dynamic Library LinkLibraries
Dynamic Linked LibraryLibraries

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