What does DM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DM:



Diabetes mellitusPhysiology
Drosophila MelanogasterPhysiology
Dry MatterChemistry
Data MiningGeneral Computing
Data ManagementOcean Science
Direct MarketingGeneral Business
Direct MailGeneral Business
Decreto MinisterialeItalian
Digital MediaHardware
Dipole MomentChemistry
Doesn't MatterChat
Deutsche MarkCurrencies
Decision MakerOccupation & Positions
Dungeon MasterOccupation & Positions
Death MetalMusic
Myotonic DystrophyHuman Genome
Data ManipulationGeneral Computing
Distributed MemoryHardware
Death MatchSports
Data ModelDatabases
Dark MatterAstronomy
Draw MoreAssembly
Data MissingDatabases
Dutch Master cigarProducts
Density MatrixMathematics
Davis MonthanMilitary
Deutscher MeisterUnclassified
Display MemoryAssembly
Dead ManPolice
Diabetes ManagementHealthcare
Degree of MethylationUnit Measures
Display ManagerOccupation & Positions
Delivery MethodHospitals
Display MessageAssembly
Directory ManagementSoftware
Distinguished MeritAwards & Medals
Dark MagicianUnclassified
Direct ManipulationAssembly
Development ManagementGeneral Business
Disk ManagerSoftware
Direct MailingUSPS
Digital MultimediaUnclassified
Download ManagerUnclassified
Danger MouseNames and Nicknames
Download MapSoftware
Distance ModulusMathematics
Dance MarathonMusic
Deutch MarkUnclassified
DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) ModuleHardware
Dream MakerUnclassified
Dream MoodsUnclassified
Desperation MoveChess
Destroyer MinelayerShipping & Sailing
Daisy MayNames and Nicknames
District MagistrateOccupation & Positions
Dark MistressOccupation & Positions
Degenerative MyelopathyPhysiology
Diastolic MurmurPhysiology
Dragon MageGaming
Diis ManibusLatin
Disability ManagementRehabilitation
Damn ManUnclassified
Dark MageUnclassified
Dear MichaelUnclassified
Discourse MarkerStock Exchange
Defect ManagementElectronics
Declan McCullagh, journalist and reporterFamous & Celebs
David MayoFamous & Celebs
Diversity MarketingMarketing
Double ModeAssembly
Distance MeasuredPhysics
Data MediumHardware
Dangling ModifierLinguistics
Doomed MoviethonScience Fiction
Deductive MethodMathematics
Diesel MechanicalMilitary
Drink MakerOccupation & Positions
Douglas MackayUnclassified
Defense MechaGaming
Defect ModeSoftware
Denis Morris High SchoolSchools
Dye MatrixColors
Deep MineGeology
Detachable MagazinePolice
Deligne-Mumford stackMathematics
Dis ManibusUnclassified
Display MediumHardware
Dan MitchellNames and Nicknames
Dana MarieNames and Nicknames
DextroMethorphan HydrobromideChemistry
Discipline MasterNames and Nicknames
Day MasterUnclassified
Defensoría MayaGuatemalan
Disturbed MentallyUnclassified
Definitely MartinFunnies
Domestic MonitorUnclassified
Double MeatFood & Nutrition
Lake State Railway Company (formerly Detroit and Mackinac Railway)Railroads
Daily MathEducational
Delayed MailUSPS
Determinate MeaningMathematics
Diagenesis ModelEnvironmental
Domus MorozzoLaw & Legal
Discrepant MaterialProducts
Downlink MessageUnclassified
Dearest MalteseUnclassified
Dumb MasterFunnies
Deis ManibusLatin
Dialog MachineHardware
Departure ManagementTransportation
Dilligently MineUnclassified
Diaper MasterFunnies
Dee MentiaFunnies
Douglas MissileMilitary
Detroit and Mackinaw Railway CompanyRailroads
Degree MeritUniversities
Delivery MaturityStock Exchange
Decorative MarginNews & Media
Dead MathematicianUnclassified
Dunom MortisUnclassified
Doctor of ManagementAcademic Degrees
Dungeon MemberScience Fiction
Detachment of MinesUS Government
Dragon MaulersOccupation & Positions
Dapra MillingCompanies & Firms
Direct MessageTwitter
DeciMeterUnit Measures
Don't MindChat
Don't MoveChat
Dual ManiaMiscellaneous
Depeche ModeUnclassified
decimetreUnit Measures
Date MeChat
Direct MaterialAccounting
Doctorate of medicineMedical
Doctor of Medicine (Engl.)Academic Degrees
Distributed MaterialUnclassified
Days MerhenzurUnclassified
Deligne MumfordUnclassified
Digital ManagementManagement
Daimonin MasterUnclassified
Deutsche Mark (monetary unit)German
DiGiorno MessageUnclassified
Domestic ManufactureUnclassified
Dirty MindedChat
Davis MomintyUnclassified
Demon MagicUnclassified
Dorian MetayeUnclassified
Debit MarginAccounting
Development MotorNASA
Duodenal MucosaUnclassified
Daily MoveUnclassified
Dark ManUnclassified
Deal MakerUnclassified
Decision MakingUnclassified
Department of ManagementManagement
Depth ModUnclassified
Deputy MinisterOccupation & Positions
Designated MartyrUnclassified
Desktop ManagerSoftware
Deutsches MusterUnclassified
Device ManagerUnclassified
Devious MaidsUnclassified
Dichroic MirrorUnclassified
Die monstersUnclassified
Discussion MemorandumPlanning
Disease ManagementManagement
District MaoUnclassified
Doctorate Of MmedicineUnclassified
Document ManagementManagement
Dragon MustardUnclassified
Dream MachinesInternational
Drunken MasterUnclassified
Dual ModeUnclassified
Dance MomsPerforming Arts
Daniel MorilloMusic
Data ManagerNASA
Daughters of MaryReligion
Dead MasterGaming
Deferred MaintenanceMilitary
Delivery ManagementProfessional Organizations
Delta ModulationTelecom
Dental MedicineMedical
Depleted MantleGeology
Design MethodsManufacturing
Detection and MonitoringMilitary
Developing MarketsInvestments
Diabetis MellitusHealthcare
Diametrul MaximRomanian
Diffusion MaskElectronics
Digital MeasuresResearch
Dimensional ManagementManufacturing
Dirty MagotBritish Medicine
Disassembly ManualNASA
Disaster ManagementUnited Nations
Discoid meniscusOrthopaedic
District ManagerOccupation & Positions
Docking MechanismNASA
Drama MammaNames and Nicknames
Duluth Metals LimitedToronto Stock Exchange
German Mark (Deutsche Mark)International Business
German mark (money) [Deutschesmark]International Business
Lake State RailwayRailroads

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