What does DMF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DMF:



DiMethyl FormamideChemistry
Drug Master FileLaboratory
Distribution Media FormatGeneral Computing
Decayed, Missing, of FilledChemistry
Decayed, Missing, FilledPhysics
Dead Man FloatingFunnies
Dikembe Mutombo FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Distributed Monitoring FacilityNetworking
Digital Matrix ForumInternet
Data Models and FormatsDatabases
Dunnville Music FestivalMusic
Dutch Marine ForceMilitary
Delusion Digital Music File - Music formatFile Extensions
Distributed Messaging FabricTelecom
Darrell Martin FilmnetCompanies & Firms
Dumb Mother F***erUnclassified
Division of Marine FisheriesUnclassified
Dutch Macintosh FanclubGeneral Computing
Digest Message FormatUnclassified
Disciples Mission FundFunds
David Murphy FelicianoUnclassified
Death Master FileUnclassified
dicated Mobile FrameUnclassified
Digital Music FormatMusic
Debtor Mandate FlowUnclassified
Declarative Management FrameworkManagement
Do More FoundationFoundations
Drug Master FilesDrugs
Dakota Medical FoundationFoundations
Dance Motivation FitnessFitness
Dark Munich FestivalFestivals
Debt Management FacilityManagement
Decayed Missing FilledUnclassified
Department of Management and FinanceManagement
Destination Marketing FeeMarketing
Determination Motivation and FocusUnclassified
District Mineral FoundationFoundations
Diversified Metal FabricatorsUnclassified
DivX Media FormatNews & Media
Driebergse Motorrijwielen FabriekUnclassified
Dual Multi FunctionUnclassified
Danish Mathematical SocietySocieties
Danish Union of MusiciansSocieties
Dansk Matematisk ForeningSocieties
Dansk Musiker ForbundSocieties
David MacDonald FittsFamous & Celebs
Decayed, Missing or FilledBritish Medicine
Defective Mitotic FiguresBritish Medicine
Design and Monitoring FrameworkGeneral Business
Direct Marketing ForumConferences
Disabled Motorists FederationBritish Medicine
Distant Metastasis-FreeBritish Medicine
Dose Modifying FactorMedical Physics
Dual Mass FlywheelPhysics

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