What does DMP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DMP:



Dump FileFile Extensions
Debt Management PlanAccounting
Dot Matrix PrinterHardware
Dynamic Multi-PathingNetworking
Digital Media ProductionPerforming Arts
Digital Music ProductsProducts
Data Management PlanTransportation
Dirty Mo PosseFunnies
Designated Medical PractitionerOccupation & Positions
Dutch Music PartnersCompanies & Firms
Declarative Meta ProgrammingSoftware
Demon Manufacturing PlantScience Fiction
Dual Module PlayerHardware
Domestic Monitor ProgramFBI Files
Dark Music ProductionsCompanies & Firms
Demon Making PlantScience Fiction
Deontic Modus PonensLatin
Decode Media ProtocolTelecom
Driver's Master PanelMilitary
Def Music ProductionsCompanies & Firms
Dictum Meum PactumUnclassified
Dao Ming PapaUnclassified
Deer Management PermitsManagement
Demand Management PlatformAdvertising
Distinguished Majors ProgramAcademic Degrees
Disguised Medical ProfessionMedical
Division of Material PhysicsPhysics
Davis Martin PowellUnclassified
Digital Manga PublishingUnclassified
Distributed Mentoring ProgramUniversities
Digital Monitoring ProductsUnclassified
Distributed Mentor ProjectUnclassified
Data Management PlansManagement
Data Management PlatformsAdvertising
Death Metal PopeUnclassified
Debt Management PlansManagement
Debt Management ProgramManagement
Deer Management PermitManagement
Desktop Mic PreUnclassified
Destination Marketing ProgramMarketing
Destruction Mayhem and PainUnclassified
Dhaka Metropolitan PolicePolice
Difference in Meridian PartsUnclassified
Digital Media PartnersUnclassified
Digital Media PlayerUnclassified
Digital Media ProjectUnclassified
Digital Motion ProcessingUnclassified
Digital Music PoolMusic
Direct Mail ProcessorsUnclassified
Direct Metal PrintingUnclassified
Discovery and Molecular PharmacologyPharmacy
Division of Materials PhysicsPhysics
Dossier M├ędical PersonnelMedical
Dual Music PlayerUnclassified
Dynamic Movement PrimitivesUnclassified
Data Management PlatformSoftware
Deployable Maintenance PlatformNASA
Design Management PlanBusiness
Dess-Martin ReagentMilitary
DEU (Display Electronics Unit) Message ProcessorNASA
Digital Media PortHardware
Disaster Management PlanEnergy
DM, P.L.C.London Stock Exchange
Domino's Pizza Enterprises, LTD.ASX Symbols

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