What does DOH stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DOH:



Department Of HealthUS Government
Doha, QatarAirport Codes
Dukes Of HazzardNews & Media
Destroyers Of HopeLaw & Legal
Dukes Of HazardNews & Media
Dropped On HeadFunnies
Dependency information for .poh (Geoworks)File Extensions
Department of Health (of UK government)Veterinary
Defenders Of the HeartScience Fiction
Date of HireUnclassified
DNS Over HTTPSUnclassified
Department of Health'sHealthcare
Days On HandUnclassified
Door Open HelperUnclassified
Dojo Objective HarnessUnclassified
Dependent On HimUnclassified
Design Oriented HostingUnclassified
Dad's Other HomeCommunity
Dawn Of HeruthScience Fiction
Duke Of HellUnclassified
Dante Oral HistoryHistory
Darkness of HeartUnclassified
Dat Ova HereUnclassified
Deena Odelle HyattNames and Nicknames
Dept of HealthHealthcare
Detroit Osteopathic HospitalHospitals
Division of HighwaysUnclassified
DNS over HTTPInternet
Dropped and Offset HolsterPolice
Department of HousingHousing & Amenities
Discrete Output HighNASA

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