What does DOPE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DOPE:



Drugs Oppress People EverydayUnclassified
Double Odd Pass EvenUnclassified
Draw Open Peoples' EyesPolice
Development Options Paper, ExperimentalMilitary
Director Of Practically EverythingUnclassified
Data on Previous EngagementUnclassified
Defining Our Potential and ExcellenceUnclassified
Draw Opens Peoples EyesUnclassified
A Dislodgment Obstruction Pneumothorax And EquipmentUnclassified
Defenders Of Planet EarthUnclassified
Doin Our Part EquallyUnclassified
Dove Owl Peacock EagleUnclassified
Defending Our Plant EverywhereUnclassified
Developing Our Precision EverydayUnclassified
Dartmouth Oversimplified Programming ExperimentSoftware
Delayed Onset Post ExertionalUnclassified
Data On Previous EngagementsUnclassified
Degree Of Pattern ErrorUnclassified
Dove Owl Peacock and EagleUnclassified
Defining Our Potential ExcellenceUnclassified
Database Objects for Pricing EverythingDatabases
Data on Personal EquipmentUnclassified
Definitely On Personal ElevationUnclassified
Distribution Of Payroll ExpenseUnclassified
Death Or Prison EventuallyUnclassified
Department of Presidential ExchangeUnclassified
Deskunding Ongebonden Pragmatische EenheidUnclassified
Do Once Publish EverywhereUnclassified
Doctor of Orthopedic Podiatry ExtraordinaireUnclassified
Doughnutsz Obese Parodies ExtremeUnclassified
Driven On Positive EnergyEnergy
Drug Overdose Prevention and EducationPrevention
Dailey Operations Performance EvaluationBusiness
Derivational-Only Popular EtymologyLanguage & Literature
Discrete Optimized Protein EnergyEnergy
Distributed Object Programming EnvironmentIT

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