What does DPM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DPM:



Deputy Prime MinisterOccupation & Positions
Disintegrations Per MinuteUnit Measures
Doctor of Podiatric MedicineOccupation & Positions
Digital Panel MeterElectronics
Disruptive Pattern MaterialMilitary
Damp Proof MembraneChemistry
DOS Protected ModeSoftware
Deputy Project ManagerMilitary
Dual Port MemoryHardware
Decays Per MinuteUnit Measures
Downtown People MoverTransportation
Defect Per MillionProducts
Defense Program MemorandumMilitary
Dollars Per MileUnit Measures
Decentralized Production ManagementGeneral Business
Dermal Phase MeterHospitals
Digits Per MinuteUnit Measures
Disrupted Pattern MaterialUnclassified
Don't Punch MeChat
Data Position ManagementDatabases
Detroit People MoverCommunity
Disruptive Pattern MechanismHuman Genome
Dragon Punch MediumUnclassified
Dickpunch MafiaGaming
District Personnel ManualUnclassified
Damage Per MinuteUnclassified
Department of Population MedicineMedical
Direct Part MarkingUnclassified
Digital Process for ManufacturingManufacturing
Direct Post MethodUnclassified
Drops Per MinuteUnclassified
Damp Proof MaterialUnclassified
Data Package ManagerUnclassified
Data Protection ManagerUnclassified
Deathmatch Platoon MurdersGaming
Deformation Potential MechanismArchitecture
Dew Point MeterUnclassified
Dynamical Proton ModelChemistry
Da Pocket MonstersScience Fiction
Department of Personnel ManagementManagement
Division of Payment ManagementManagement
DOPPS Practice MonitorUnclassified
Damage Per ManaUnclassified
Data Processing ManualUnclassified
Dataflow Performance ManagerUnclassified
Decay Per MinuteUnclassified
Dee Package ManagerUnclassified
Definite Party MaterialUnclassified
Depletions Per MinuteUnit Measures
Designated Primary MarketUnclassified
Desintegrations Per MinuteUnclassified
Development Process ManualDevelopment
Dew Point MetersUnclassified
Digital Phase ModulationUnclassified
Digital Project ManagementManagement
Direct Part MarkedUnclassified
Direct Photometric MethodUnclassified
Discretionary Portfolio ManagementManagement
Disk Pool ManagerUnclassified
Dispatch Progress MonitorUnclassified
Distributed Power ManagementManagement
Distributed Provisioning ModificationUnclassified
Diversified Project ManagementManagement
Doctor of Plant MedicineMedical
Dolley Payne MadisonUnclassified
Driving People MachineUnclassified
Drum Pad MachineUnclassified
Dynamic Pressure MeasurementUnclassified
Dynamism Professionalism MobilityUnclassified
Data Position MeasurementIT
Data Processing ManagerIT
Defects Per MillionAutomotive
Desktop Product ManagerIT
Deutsche Produktionswagen MeisterschaftAutomotive
Diesel Particulate MatterUnclassified
Digital Power ManagementIT
Direct Parallel MonitorIT
Direct Parts MarkingAutomotive
Dissemination Program ManagerMilitary
Don't Patronize MeChat
Driver Perceptions ModelAutomotive
Driver Performance ModuleAutomotive
Dundee Precious Metals, Inc.Toronto Stock Exchange
Dynamic Parking ManagementAutomotive
Dynamic Performance ManagementAutomotive
Dynamic Performance ModeAutomotive
Dynamic Power ManagementManagement

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